All work and no play…


“But I was just going to explain how the water filter system could work in the back yard for the whole green house and the aquaponics.”

“Quin, shush.”

“Really, I just www…ant… to fffinish my… Oh damn.” Quin stuttered to a stop as Lynne wrapped her lips around his cock. She slid up and down until all he could do was gasp. He’d even forgotten to touch her. She kept licking and sucking until he grabbed her ass with one hand and the back of her head with the other.

“Oh…” Quin gasped. His hand began to explore Lynne’s pussy and clit. Lynne moaned and gurgled around his cock. It was almost a game. Who would explode first. Lynne or Quin? His fingers delved into her pussy. Lynne twirled her tongue across the tip of his cock and into the slit. His hand tightened on her head. Lynne stroked his balls and the insides of his thighs. Quin twiddled his fingers across her clit.

Lynne raised up off of Quin’s cock with a gasp and turned towards his head. “You won.”

“Yes, I did.” He pulled her to him as she straddled his lap and then guided his cock into her pussy. They both sighed with pleasure.

Lynned rocked back and forth as Quin kneaded her breasts and pinched her nipples. She gasped as the sensations rolled all the way down to her clit. They moved faster and faster as the sensations and tension built. Holding her breasts, Lynne was bouncing up and down as Quin thrust upward. His hands on her hips stiffened and tightened his grip as his orgasm built.

“Ah…ahhhhh!” he cried as the pleasure built and then spilled into Lynne.

Lynne gasped as she felt him go off, her own body only seconds behind. She orgasmed held tight by Quin’s cock and his hands. She shuddered as he slowly relaxed. Once her own body stopped shuddering, she moved off of him and lay down on the bed.


“You know, all work and no play makes Quin a grumpy engineer.”

“Yeah, and Lynne far too horny to cope with.”

Lynne giggled. Quin stretched and tried to gain control of his limbs. A few minutes later, he rolled on his side and began to caress Lynne. His fingers played with her clit and pussy until she squirmed on the bed.

“You sure are wiggly tonight.” He kept on fingering her.

“Yyyyes… ohmygoddd!” She cried out as the orgasm rolled her. She barely caught her breath before he started ramping up the strokes. Lynne lost count of the orgasms.

Quin stopped for a moment. “Well, how are you feeling?”


“Well, we can’t have that. We need to go for the full faint.” Before she could say anything, he began stroking her clit. Each time she got close, he backed off. Finally, he slid his fingers from pussy to clit in long strokes and Lynne cried out in orgasm. Then she fainted.

Quin leaned over Lynne. As he expected, she wasn’t breathing. Or, at least not as constant as he’d like. “Breathe.”

Lynne drew in a deep breath. “Oh wow.”

“You shared nicely.”

“That’s good.” She kissed him and then rolled over. They were asleep in moments.

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