Sword and Shield

Yes, we are home again! Sunburned, a little soggy and very relaxed!

She smiled at the knight who’d bought her a mug of beer. He’d been nice and maybe, just maybe she’d see how far things would go.

“Do you know what you call a Viking with twelve sheep?”


“A pimp.” He smiled and took a drink of beer. She laughed. They’d been trading silly jokes all evening. As she laughed, he leaned over and kissed her. It tasted of beer and barbecue sauce. She kissed him back.

“You want to go for a walk?”

“Sure.” She wrapped her cloak around her shoulders and they headed up away from the main party. As the lights receded, he wrapped an arm around her. After a five minute walk, they were up at the castle. This one was made of vertical logs, bales of hay and some crossbeams to make walls.

They found a couple of bales that had been shoved together and he spread his own cloak down for them to sit on.

“How long you been playing?” He took a swig of his beer.

“About five years. You?”

“Eight. Just got my Knight’s Belt.”

She nodded. “A friend of mine dragged me to an event and I’ve been having fun ever since. I love the clothes.”

“Persian, right?”

“Yeah. That way I can wear all these layers and yet be cool because the fabric is so light.”

“English knight.”

“Do you wear some kind of shorts under your tunic?”

“I wear biking shorts. Had more than one kid lift my tunic, so I got shorts.”

She giggled. Then she reached forward and kissed him. They progressed from kisses to touching. It didn’t take long for clothes to shift or come off completely. Lips moved to breasts and cock. They broke apart gasping. She grabbed a condom from her belt pouch.

“Safe sex ya know.” She rolled it down his cock and then gently lowered herself down.

“Oh yeah. Never know what those sheep have,” he gasped as her heat enveloped him. They both giggled, remembering the joke from earlier. His hands cupped her breasts as she rocked back and forth. It didn’t take long before they were both gasping and moaning.

“Oh damn,” he hissed as he felt his orgasm begin to pour up his spine. He grabbed her hips and held on tight as he burst. He thrust harder and felt her tip over the edge as well. They lay there for a few minutes in the afterglow before it started getting too cool.

“Better get back to the tent before my friend misses me.” She started to get dressed.

“Yeah. Battle comes early tomorrow. Sword and Shield tourney starts at 10am.” He stood up, and checked around for any forgotten bits of clothing.

“Thank you for a lovely romp in the hay.”

“You’re welcome my lady.” He kissed the back of her hand and then the two of them walked back towards the party.


The next afternoon, she was watching the tourney with friends. It was the usual one on one, until only the best were left. They had started out with thirty some knights and now they were down to the last six.

“Hear Ye! The next battle will be between Sir Roland and Sir Borgest.” The marshall stood back and let the knights enter the field. As they began to fight, she thought she saw something she recognized hanging from the arm of Sir Roland.

“Isn’t that the scarf I gave you?” Her friend nudged her in the ribs and pointed.

“It is.”

“So, when did you give it to Sir Roland.”

“I guess I gave it to him last night.” She watched as the two knights fought. “Although, I think he gave as good as he took last night.”

The two knights fought and Sir Borgest ‘died’. There were three more battles and then the last two knights fought. Sir Roland and Sir Hauk. She found herself standing up and cheering as the battle ensued. Ten minutes later, Sir Roland was the winner. As he bowed to the crowd and congratulated his opponent, she ran up to the edge of the field.

Sir Roland saw her and smiled. “I hope you don’t mind that I took your scarf. I… I didn’t have a lady’s token for the tourney.”

“I’m glad it brought you luck.” She smiled at him.

“Would you be my lady for the rest of the war?”

“I would be most happy.” She dipped under the rope and gave him a kiss. As they did, a small group of people began to cheer. Both of the blushed.


Later that day at court, Sir Roland was presented as the Sword and Shield of the war, with his lady at his side. That night, he showed her more of his sword work.

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    1. Thank you!

      BTW, saw a ‘gentleman’ in knee high soft leather boots ala musketeer style with a leather and brocade vest and thought how good you’d look in that outfit! 🙂

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