Flash Fiction Friday Shutterbug


“That’s it. Yeah. Fingers on that pussy. Dip into your clit just a little. Oh yeah. I love how the curls just peek out.” He hit the shutter fast and furious as he watched Betsy masturbate. His own cock was hardening against the zipper of his jeans. “Keep it up. Oh yeah baby you’re hot!”

Betsy still couldn’t believe she’d take the wager. $300 was a lot of money to let ride on a bet. Then again, she danced at clubs and knew she had a beautiful body. As Boyd took pictures, she imagined that it was his fingers touching her body. The shutter drove her on, and soon she was panting in orgasmic bliss. Juices ran down the crack of her ass.

“Oh Betsy…” Boyd moved the camera closer and took a pic of her juice covered curls glistening in the late afternoon sunshine. Then he dropped his Nikon, his jeans and nudged his cock deep into Betsy.

“Oh Boy…d,” she gasped as he filled her. She was so worked up that it didn’t take long for her to come again. By the time she’d hit her third orgasm, Boyd was thrusting faster as his own orgasm rolled up his spine. They collapsed to the bed in sticky delight. After a bit, Boyd slid off the bed and began taking shots of Betsy nude and sweaty.


The wager funded their business. By day it was your average Photography shop. Weddings, school pictures and family portraits. By night, it was a photo fetishists dream. Bondage gear hung on the walls and ‘furniture’ was available as needed. No real scenes, just photo shoots. Betsy and Boyd did a good business during conventions and munches.

“Come on Boyd. Get it up! Pussy wants a pic!” giggled Betsy as she moved in on his growing erection with his Nikon DSL. The shutter clicked in time with the spurts of his orgasm.



Ah, this one was easy. 🙂 Our word count allowed was 275. The required word was Wager, and the forbidden words were Porn, Panties, Camera. Bonus words could be had by telling us where to the pictures end up a year later (+43 words). Extra Credit = Add a picture of your own.

I took the bonus words, but left the extra credit for another day. 🙂

Flash Fiction Friday is hosted by our favourite perverted voyeur and wordsmith, Advizor. Join us every Friday! Better yet, write!

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