The Box part 4

Sofia climbed into bed straight from the shower. She was exhausted after a long day of shopping with Lindsey and then dinner and dancing. She barely pulled the covers over her ass before she fell asleep.


The creature stretched and moved towards the female on the bed. The scent of the female aroused it and made the blood pulse in it’s member. Moving between the female’s legs, it was delighted to find no cloth in the way. The tentacles reached out to taste and tease wetness from the female. With each taste, the creature swelled until it could take it no more. Plunging it’s tentacles into the opening that dripped juices was ecstasy. When the female moaned and opened it’s legs more, the creature moved up and thrust its swollen member deep inside. Tentacles wrapped around the female’s legs, holding it tightly in place as it thrust slowly. A tentacle rubbed the nub of flesh that made the female moan even louder.


Sofia was dreaming that the good looking cowboy had come home with her. He’d just licked her to orgasm and had begun to finger her when she woke with a start. There was something penetrating her. “Oh my god!” she cried out as she tried to find what was fucking her.

Reaching down to her crotch, she felt something slightly damp and rubbery. The mounting orgasm was making it difficult for her to think or coordinate her hands. She tried to remove a tentacle from her thigh as she realized that some sort of creature had crawled between her thighs.

“Let go of me! Get off of me!”


The creature grabbed the female’s hand and held it tight against the thigh. With another tentacle, it tried to grab the other hand. When that didn’t work, it rubbed the nub of flesh and made the female buck in orgasm. As the female grabbed the sheets, it was able to grab the otheer hand. When the female arched up off of the bed, the creature found another opening. This one was tighter and not as damp. The creature moved a tentacle across the opening that was still leaking fluid in spite of being filled with its member and then shoved it into the other opening. The female screamed.


“Get out of my ass!” Sofia cried. She was being fucked by some sort of octopus, and not only was it deep into her pussy, but it had just stuffed a tentacle up her ass. With both hands trapped by tentacles, all she could do was gasp as it brought her to orgasm after orgasm. The thrusts in her ass were counterpointed to those in her pussy. The tentacle on her clit was rubbing non-stop. She felt an orgasm build unlike any she’d ever had before.

“Oh damn. Oh… oh… oh ddddamn!” she cried as it ripped through her in shuddering waves. She felt the octopus pulse and fluid fill her as she lay there helplessly. Slowly, the creature pulled out of her ass and pussy. She felt a puddle of fluids grow under her ass.


The creature enjoyed the release of the female and filled her with his seed as he came. As he softened, he held her hands. As soon as he was rested, he would take the female again.


Sofia lay there wondering if the creature was asleep. She tried to move only to have it grip her wrists tighter. In the end, she gave up. She fell asleep and began to dream.

“Female, you are mine.”

“No! You’re an octopus!”

“Yes, I am like that creature on your world. You are mine. I will stay with you. You have no choice.”

“I… I can’t stay in bed all day. I have people who’ll miss me.”

“You won’t. I will go with you.”


“You will see.”


Sofia woke up as dawn came in the windows. She felt groggy, and needed a shower. She got up out of bed and headed towards the bathroom. She went to pee and realized that the creature had wrapped itself around her like a pair of panties. She screamed. It hadn’t been a dream. It was becoming a nightmare. Pulling didn’t work. In desperation, she sat on the toilet and peed. It moved up and into her lap, wrapping it’s tentacles around her waist. As soon as she finished, it moved back into place. Sofia stepped into the shower and wondered if hot water would make it leave. It didn’t. Instead, it moved around her body as the water hit hers.

In the end, she gave up and just showered. When she dried off, it moved back to her crotch. It took a second for her to realize that it was filling her pussy and touching her ass again.

“Oh no! I’ve got… oh god…” She dropped to her kneees in a writhing orgasm as it began to take her again. She tried crawling to the bed before she totally collapsed as it filled her tightly and brought her to a mind numbing orgasm.


The creature liked the water. It had excited it until it’s member felt it would burst. The female reacted quickly this time and soon was passed out in orgasmic pleasure on the floor.

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