FET life

Seth was amazed at the variety of lectures, activities, booths and people at DragaonCon. It was his first time at the convention. There were more people there than he saw in a month. After attending the Firefly reunion, he drifted off towards some of the panel discussions. One caught his eye.

F.E.T. Life

11 am

Ballroom C

He looked at his schedule and didn’t see any conflicts. He smiled to find such a geeky discussion at the convention. Then again, there was so much to see that he hadn’t stopped smiling since he got on the elevator with a Dalek and two girls in Cat Woman costumes this morning. He grabbed a sandwich at the coffee shop and headed to Ballroom C.

When Seth got to the ballroom, he noticed that it was full of people dressed up in costumes. He didn’t think too much about it though as everywhere he went, people were wearing the most outlandish things. He felt almost naked in his teeshirt that had the elements Barium, Zinc and Gallium on it spelling out BaZnGa. Towards the middle of the ballroom there was a seat next to a cute girl in a cat costume, complete with ears.

“Mind if I sit next to you?”

“Yes. That’s my Master’s seat.” She turned back towards the front of the room.

“Well, he could always sit on the other side of you.”

She looked at him with a slightly startled look. “No, that is my Master’s seat. He always sits to the left of me. You may not sit there.”

“Oh come on now.”

She picked up her phone and started texting.

“Well, fine. I’ll just sit over here.” He moved down one row and sat behind her. She glanced back nervously at him and continued to text rapidly.

A few minutes later, a tall man in leathers walked in and sat next to the cat girl. She said something softly and then pointed back at Seth. The man looked at Seth and nodded. Then he got up and came around to sit next to Seth.

“I’d really appreciate it if you left my cat alone. I don’t like to share.”

Seth was startled by the man’s tone. “Um, yeah. Sure.” It was his turn to stare intently at his phone. He scrunched down in his seat and waited for the lecture to start.

“Welcome to DragonCon!” said a man dressed in leather and chains at the front of the ballroom. Seth looked up and was surprised to see the panel full of people dressed in odd gear and many of them with people kneeling next to them. One of them even had a chain and collar on.

“This is odd,” Seth thought.

“We are pleased to have all of you FetLife pervs here with us today. Social media has done wonders for the kinkster.” The man turned to the screen behind him and an array of pictures began to meld on the screen. People in bondage gear, whips, chains, cock rings, caged cocks, clamped nipples and other things.

Seth blanched. This lecture was about fetishes, not Field Effect Transistors. He got up hastily and left, feeling that his face was about thirty shades of red.

Once outside, Seth found a cafe and sat down with an iced coffee. He went back to his schedule and found an Iron Man lecture to go to. It was a good talk, and when it was over, he headed back towards the exhibit hall.

“So, Fetlife wasn’t your thing?”

Seth turned to see the Master and his cat. “Um, no, I thought it was about FET. Field Effect Transistors.”

The Master and cat laughed. “That explains your exit. Next time, read the fine print.” The man clapped Seth on the shoulder and walked away smiling.

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  1. In the ’60s, I worked on PDM/PAM commutators for the Shrike missile electronics package. FETs were the switches to enable a pilot to change frequency to control missile.

    Great piece!

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