Nearly left behind

“This week has been so hectic.”

“Yes, although we’ve gotten a lot accomplished.” Quin curled up behind Lynne and wrapped her up like a teddy bear to cuddle.

“Yeah, but…”

“You’ll just have to wait until the morning. We are both too tired to be playing around. God knows my feet feel like I wore them down to nubs.”

“And how long ago did I tell you you needed new shoes?” Lynne had been trying to get Quin to spend money on himself for weeks.

“I know. Maybe tomorrow.”

“I’ll hold you to it.”

“Fine. If you want to go shopping, you need to go to sleep now.” He cuddled up tighter, and they were soon asleep.


Lynne woke first. Looking at the clock, she saw that it was nearly 10:15am. “Umm, Quin, did your alarm not go off?”

Quin rolled over and pinned her to the bed with his leg. “Didn’t set it. We are sleeping in today.”

“Stay in bed Friday?”

“Yes. Now go back to sleep.”

Lynne tried. She kept waking up. Finally, at 11:45am, she got up and went to the bathroom. When she came back to bed, Quin was awake. She cuddled up to him and he wrapped his arm around her.

“Feel up to playtime?”

“Sorta. Sorta not. Getting old is for the birds.” He stretched and the sound of popping joints and other things crunched.

“Wow… Snap, crackle and pop!” Lynne giggled. She reached down and stroked his cock, which was soft and laying across his thigh.

“Yeah. I don’t think he’s going to wake up today.”

“Oh, I don’t know.” She kept stroking Quin’s cock. Then she lightly massaged his legs as far as she could reach and up across his stomach.

“Sweetie, let’s not start something I can’t finish.” He gently moved her hand.

Lynne sighed and just kept touching him lightly, leaving his cock alone. They talked, kissed, giggled and made plans for the day. Finally, she let her hand drift down towards his cock. This time, she didn’t stop. Soft strokes, and thumbing across the head soon has Quin’s cock firming up.

“Ohhh,” he moaned softly. Lynne kept touching him and he didn’t try to stop her. She kissed his nipple closest to her mouth which pulled another moan from his lips. His cock grew stiffer until she moved under the covers and kissed the head of his cock.

“Oh god. Ohhhh,” Quin moaned and held up the covers for her to move down and wrap her lips around his cock. He gasped as her lips wrapped around him. One hand fisted in her hair, while the other one began to play with her pussy and clit.

It was Lynne’s turn to moan. It was a game they played. No one ever said, ‘okay, see who can last the longest’, but that’s what they did. Quin stroked her until she began to orgasm. Meanwhile, she sucked, licked and played with his cock. Little drops of pre-cum danced across her tongue. She increased her tongue action about the same point he worked her clit harder and harder.

Quin was breathing hard, but Lynne was the one who pulled off of his cock as she gasped for air after a powerful orgasm. She turned and straddled Quin, sliding his cock into her soaked pussy. “Oh damn that feels good.”

“Yes, it does.” Quin smiled up at her as she began to rock back and forth. He reached up and pinched her nipples, eliciting moans of pleasure. He grabbed her hips as her rocked up and down in time to her bounces.

Lynne gasped, crying out as the movement pounded the two of them together. Quin’s arms stiffened and his hands tightened on her hips as his orgasm boiled up his spine. Lynne tried to keep moving as Quin’s orgasm overrode her own senses and the two of them bucked and gasped in orgasm. Quin’s hands still held her tightly as he pumped and pumped his release into her. Lynne felt her own body spasm, gripping Quin and making him twitch.

He finally let go of her hips, and as she rocked back and forth, enjoying the sensations, he shuddered. Finally, she pulled off of him and nestled next to him on the bed. “Ttthat was good,” he sighed as his body twitched.

“Uhuh.” She pulled up the sheets and let her own shudders of pleasure rumble through her. They dozed off for a few minutes.


Lynne woke to feeling Quin toss his leg over her right about the same time his hand found her pussy and began to play with her clit. She gasped. She loved it when he did this, making her orgasm again and again. She arched up off the bed as best she could, with his leg pinning her.

“Oh! Ohhhh!” she cried as a strong orgasm ripped through her. She felt their combined juices drip down her thigh as she nearly passed out.

“You dear, are soaked.” Quin laughed as he got out of bed.

Lynne just smiled. Her brain was out to lunch. An orgasmic lunch.

“You’d better get up.”


“Shopping. Lunch. Or would that be breakfast? Hm… it is after 1pm. Get moving.” Quin headed for the bathroom to clean up. Lynne tried to get one eyeball per socket, and almost made it. She could hear water running and knew if she didn’t get up fast, he’d either leave her or go work on the computer and any chance of shopping would die.

“Oh damn.” She was still light headed when she stood up. She could hear Quin laughing from the bathroom.

“Better hurry up.” He snapped her ass with a wet washrag as she came into the bathroom.

“Gahhh!” She moved quickly to get bathed and dressed.


Twenty minutes later, they were out the door and headed shopping. Lynne got into the truck just in time.

“I didn’t think you felt up to playtime.”

“I didn’t think I was either.” He looked over at her and smiled. “Hope you’re ready for shopping.”

“Yes, although you nearly left without me.” She grinned back at him.

“Oh no. I want to watch you today as we walk around, knowing that you’re still full of cum, which will soak your panties.” He laughed.

“You brat!”

“Yes.” The two of them giggled as they headed to the mall.

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