The Dragon Boat part 5

Yeah, I was a bit busy last night after a nice dinner and a romping bit of playtime. I had some blowjobs to give Wolf. Now for the next chapter of the Dragon Boat…

The Pecheng tribesmen crept forward. The boat was well laden and the traders asleep. The leader pointed to where he wanted the men to go in the dark. He headed towards the tent where the scout said the woman slept. He liked the idea of having a trader’s bitch as his slave.


Brynki sat beside the fire, half asleep. It was nearly dawn, and he’d had too much beer last night. He turned, thinking that he heard something, but it was just the wind rustling the grass. He stood up and stretched. Looking around, he turned to piss and came face to face with a Pecheneg tribesmen. The tribesman brought up his sword and Brynki punched him. The two grappled and Brynki shouted to wake his friends.

“Pecheneg!” His voice carried across the campsite and people began to boil out of sleeping robes and tents, armed for battle. The Pecheneg slashed his knife across Brynki’s throat in an attempt to silence him. He missed, and cut Brynki’s face instead.


Lothar was dreaming that a huge boat rammed his chest. He sat up gasping to see Gundar thrusting his sword and a shield at him.

“Pecheneg attacking!”

Lothar nodded, adrenaline pouring into his system. He rolled out of the tent and tried to see who he was suppose to fight. Men were attacking each other with swords. Off to one side, an archer tried to aim at the traders. He realized that he was closest and began to head around to attack the archer from behind. The noise of the battle covered his own running through the undergrowth. Drawing his sword, the blade came high and sliced into the neck of the archer. Lothar followed through with a thrust to the left, through the archer’s chest. He kicked the body off of the sword, grabbed the bow and quiver of arrows and headed into the battle. As he moved, he targeted two of Pechenegs trying to creep in from the side towards the Vikings defending the boat. The two Pechenegs fell with arrows lodged in their necks.


When the first cries woke Ellisif, she was reaching for the sword at her feet. A hand on her shoulder stopped her.

“Stay in the tent,” hissed Bjorn. Then he handed her the sword.

She growled, but did as he said. She slowly unlaced the back of the tent in case she needed to leave quickly. Peering out, she saw Lothar kill a Pecheneg efficiently. She crouched, waiting. Listening.


Farulf swung his sword and checked the blade of the Pecheneg that had charged him. The man was swift and Farulf was tired. This was the third tribesman he’d fought. The sword swung towards his shield and then down towards his leg. Farulf blocked it and nearly had the man off his feet when he heard a scream. “Ellisif!” He slashed down hard and then turned towards the tents.


Gundar and Hafr were protecting the boat. They fought with three tribesmen. Tindr was holding his leg to stop the bleeding. Olaf was fighting the man who’d wounded Tindr. All of the men jerked when they heard Ellisif scream. Gundar looked at Hafr and then slashed viscously at the tribesman he’d been fighting. As the man fell, Gundar ran towards the tents.


Ellisif had been trying to keep an eye on the fighting. Three of the men were wounded and some of the Pechenegs were dead. She heard a noise and turned to see a Pecheneg entering the tent. She tried to dodge out the other end and ran straight into the chest of another Pecheneg. He grabbed her as she tried to raise the sword in her hands to strike him. She screamed and fought. The first man laughed as he came up behind her and wrestled the sword from her hand. He stopped laughing when she slashed at him with her belt knife. He cuffed her across the face and tried to grab the knife as the other man did his best to hold her. She kicked, yelled and fought.


Lothar was the closest to the tent when Ellisif screamed. He loped up to the man holding Ellisif. He raised his sword high, and drove it in where the collarbone met the shoulder. The man gasped, dropped his hold on Ellisif and died as his blood pooled in his stomach. Lothar pulled his sword free and moved to attack the other man. He found empty space as Ellisif and the other one rolled into the tent in a tangle of limbs and knife. She kicked, bit and grabbed at anything she could. It made it difficult to hold on to her. It also made it difficult to attack the man.

Lothar dove into the tent. He tried to grab Ellisif and got a slash to the hand in thanks. The knife went flying. The Pecheneg leader stood, tightened his grip on the woman and brought his sword up to her neck. His intent was clear. Keep coming and he’d kill the bitch.

Lothar stopped. He kept his eyes steady on the man. The man laughed and kept walking backwards, trying to look around without turning too far. He called out something and his men began to fight towards him. Only six of the original twenty were still alive. Most were bleeding. They gathered around their leader. The leader kept walking, thinking that he’d get away.

It was a waiting game. Ellisif’s struggles weakened as the man slowly throttled her. She went limp. When she did, Lothar brought up the bow and fired an arrow into the man’s face. The man dropped and Lothar began to fire the remaining arrows at the retreating tribesmen.


Gundar ran  towards the tents. He knew Farulf would kill him if Ellisif was injured. He came up to see Lothar standing over the body of one tribesmen and firing arrows at the retreating men. When there were no arrows left, he and Gundar chased after them.

The tribesmen almost made it to their horses when Gundar and Lothar caught up to them. Gundar made a sweeping motion, brought the sword down from right to left and sliced deep into the man’s neck. Lothar ran his sword up under the ribs of the man trying to mount his horse, slicing upwards from hip to opposite shoulder. When the last one was dead, they turned and headed back to where Ellisif was.


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