Flash Fiction Friday Predictable Results


Each time they met, passion flowed. Lips locked. Steamy kisses and gentle caresses. That pert ass, those lips, that pussy. All his for the taking.

Her lips on his cock made him bite his fist to keep back the moan. His hands moved down to caress her breasts through the thin material of her dress. When he could stand it no more, he pulled her up and thrust into her as she straddled his lap. The heat of her pussy engulfed him. Her breasts bouncing under his nose as she rode him begged to be sucked. He pulled them into his mouth and rolled her nipples until she gasped.

He felt the surge of orgasm roil up his spine. He thrust harder, made more intense by the confining space they occupied. His hands gripped her hips as his body jerked and spasmed in pleasure.

Her moans were stifled by her fist against her lips. They shuddered in combined release.

Panting, they separated. He back to work, as she headed out the door. As the thick doors closed behind her, she absentmindedly scratched her ass. She turned, knocking on the door. “Padre Alphonse! I left my panties in the confessional again!”



This week’s FFF is clean, austere. Word Max = 200. Word Min = 200. Bonus Words – None. Extra Credit – See above. Key Phrase – None – Just tell me (Advizor) a story

So, I did. The door reminded me of the big doors we saw all over Spain. Some on houses and some on churches. That and the word “None” sent my mind in a very odd direction. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed my story.

28 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday Predictable Results

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  1. We have a great turn-out for FFF this week and they are all fun but I love the closing line, and the word “again” just makes it about perfect. Thank you for joining in and bringing your “A” game to the table.

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