The Box part 5

You almost didn’t get this! We had a little accident here. Our guest house, where my office is, gets it’s electricity via an extension cord, and I nicked the cord with a weed cutter today. So, that building is without electricity for a day or so. And no, I did not want to have to move my entire computer into the main house. sigh.. I’m working fast so as to not run out of battery. Wolf wasn’t mad, thank goodness! I felt such an idiot. Ah well. 

It has been a crazy week here. Between too much to do, feeling ill and being put to bed early and now this, I’m a bit behind on posts. Hope you enjoy this.


Sofia felt self conscious. The creature was wrapped around her like a pair of panties again. She wore a skirt, instead of jeans. Work went fairly well, and she was almost done for the day, when Lindsey walked over.

“How’s it going?”

“Fine Lindsey. How are you?” Sofia felt the creature stir ever so slightly.

“Doin’ good. Want to go out tonight? It’s two-fers down at the Pub and Grub.”

“Yeah, that sounds good.” Sofia was wondering if getting drunk might run the creature off.

“Good! I’ll meet you at the house at six.” Lindsey blew Sofia a kiss and walked off.

Sofia headed home. She had forty-five minutes to get ready.

The creature stretched when it realized that the female was ‘home’, and had begun to take off some of the clothing. One tentacle reached up and tweaked a nipple, eliciting a gasp from her. When it tried to swat at him, he grabbed the hand and then began to thrust into the female’s two openings. The female cried out as the one tentacle went deep. Brushing over the nub of flesh made her shudder and orgasm. As she lay there, trying to catch her breath, he invaded her thoughts.

“You will behave. I will take you as I wish.”

“I… I have a dinner date. I can’t be late.”

“I will be with you. Behave or I will take you anywhere.”

“I… I will behave!”

The creature pulled out of her openings and let her shower.

Sofia dried off quickly and got dressed. It was so weird to hear the creature. She felt him work himself up and into her pussy and gasped. “Oh no. Not now,” she moaned. It stopped as if it had heard her. She finished getting ready and managed to finish just before Lindsey arrived.

Lindsey and Sofia had a great time. Lots of dancing, drinks and even a bit of food. They made it back to Sofia’s apartment and the two of them giggled as they plopped on the couch. It didn’t take long for them to fall asleep watching an old movie.

The creature smelled another female. It moved off of the first one and over to the other. Both had incapacitated themselves with a poison they drank. It didn’t affect him, but made them very easy to manipulate. It moved under the clothing of the second female and tasted her openings. It shuddered at the delicious taste. Inserting itself into the openings, the creature moved a tentacle up to close the mouth of the female. Other tentacles held it’s arms as it began to struggle while the creature took her. The female struggled, but the juices… oh the juices. The creature fed and filled the female with seed. Then it moved back to the original female and took her as well.

Lindsey work up with the worst headache she’d ever had. She walked as softly as she could to the door and left, not even saying goodbye to Sofia. Between the headache and the wild dream she’d had, all she wanted to do was curl up and sleep. She’d call Sofia later to apologize.

Two weeks after Sofia had woken up to find the creature, she felt ill. Her stomach was bloated and all she wanted to do was sleep. She called in sick, and crawled back into bed. While she slept, she dreamed.

“You must go to the water,” the creature said.

“Huh? I’m sick. I have the flu. No way I’m going down to the ocean.”

“You WILL. You aren’t sick. You are about to give birth.”

“NOOOOoooo!” Sofia cried out in her dream.

“Get up now.” The creature ordered her.

Sofia woke up with a start. The creature was poking at her ass and another tentacle was tapping her face. Her stomach was heaving, and then she remembered her dream. “Oh shit.” She got up, put on her bathing suit and headed for the beach. Once she was there, she dropped her stuff on the sand and headed out into the surf. As the water reached her crotch, the creature squirmed. She undid the ties of her bikini bottom. Then the first cramp hit her. She almost fell to her knees, but the creature somehow held her up. It moved aside as another cramp hit her. Then a gush of warm liquid issued from her pussy. She could feel ‘things’ leaving her body.

The creature welcomed the babies. They clustered around it and then swam off to find other females. One stayed with it as they moved back onto the female.

“Go home now,” it told her.

Sofia felt empty at last. After a bit, the creature climbed back onto her. She could hear in her mind, the order to go home. Relieved, she did. She wondered if this creature would ever leave her, or if it would continue to fuck her and make babies with her. The more time that passed, the more she could hear it. When she got home, she fell asleep on the couch.

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