The Green Man part 13

The days grew longer as Ostara approached. Wee Rose was beginning to move lively in her cradle, rocking herself when she moved just right. Cern watched as she cooed and grinned at him. He held a rattle made from a gourd over her head and watched as she followed it.

“Be ye hungry Cern?”

“Aye love, for you.”

Sybil smiled. She was healed up from the birth and they both hoped that Rose would sleep long enough to let them enjoy each other. “For food you great lump of a man.”

“Oh. Aye.” He winked at her and turned on the chair to face the table. “It be Ostara two days from now. Will ye take the babe out to the forest with me?”

Sybil nodded. She’d already showed the babe to the moon soon after she was born for blessings. Now Cern wanted to take her into the forest when the days and nights were at balance. She was glad to see Cern becoming more robust with every day as well. There was hardly any gray and his face was fuller.


After they’d cleaned up their bowls and Sybil nursed Rose to sleep, they climbed into bed. They’d cuddled and touched, but not made love since the Rose’s birth. Even though Rose had nursed well, her breasts were heavy with milk. Cern cupped one in each hand and kissed her nipples until they were hard.

“Ah, a wee bit o’ milk be drippin’.” He leaned down and gently sucked a nipple into his mouth, letting the sweet milk run down his throat. As he sucked, his other hand ran down to her cleft and stroked her. Sybil moaned.

“Oh,” she gasped as an orgasm rode her body. She was startled at how quickly she gave over to pleasure. Cern switched breasts and moved between her thighs. His cock pulsed with need and Sybil was wet as well. He slid into her cleft, and the two of them moaned in pleasure.

“Oh sweet Goddess.” His hands held her hips as he thrust. She arched to meet him and they were soon lost in the heated passion both had missed. His body moved faster and faster until he felt his own orgasm roar up his spine. Sybil orgasmed as he slowed his thrusts and poured himself into her. As they lay on the bed, he licked the milk that still dripped from her breasts, making their pleasure doubly sticky.

Sybil laughed. “It be a good thing I be having milk aplenty.” Cern grinned.


Two days later, Cern came just before sunset. Sybil and Rose were wrapped up for the trip into the forest. It was still cool at night. They walked deep into the trees until they came to a small meadow. The first flowers were just blooming in the grass. In the middle was a ring of stones. Not great ones, man high, but small round boulders, that many called “A Dance”. Cern walked into the circle from the south and moved towards the biggest one opposite it. He took the basket from Sybil and set out a small loaf of bread, a twist of salt and a small bottle of water. Then he turned to Sybil who handed him Rose.

“Wind, Light, Water, Earth. Stars above. Bless our wee babe, Rose.” He turned to face Rose towards the compass points and then held her up to the sky, just as the sun set. She cooed and blew bubbles as he turned. Sybil stood, watching.

“Bless this babe with the swiftness of wind, the warmth of light, the calm of water and the steadfastness of earth. May her dreams be as far reaching as starlight. Bless her Goddess. Bless her God.”

Then he handed Rose back to Sybil. She held her daughter as Cern blessed her. He kissed her forehead as he whispered his love. Then he broke the bread, giving each of them a bite. Cern opened the twist of salt and touched a grain to their lips. Opening the bottle, everyone got a sip. The rest of the bread was left on the rock. The salt and water were poured over it. Then the three of them left the way they had come.

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