The Dom Channel

“I swear you two were talking to each other while I was talking to the two of you!”

“How do you know we weren’t?”

She looked at him, but couldn’t tell if he was teasing her or not. “Well, it was just weird. I was telling him something and then it was like you were answering him!”

He smiled at her. “Well if it takes two of us to coerce you into doing what needs done, so be it.”

She gulped. That wasn’t what she wanted. She simply wanted to let him know how weird the whole conversation had been. Now she was really wondering if they were messaging each other while she’d been talking to them. This wasn’t going to end up well. Especially if they teamed up on her.

He smiled. Now she’d never know if they talked or not. “We do have the Dom Channel you know.”

Her eyes went wide. “You are joking aren’t you?”

He laughed. “You had better take care. You never know when we are or when we aren’t. On so many levels.”

She flushed pink and got into the car.

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    1. yeah… This came from a conversation with Wolf yesterday after he and I and SSir and I were talking in chat. There were elements of the conversation that had not been in both chat windows, which made me wonder… And all Wolf would do is laugh. damnit!

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