Flash Fiction Friday Au Natural


They spread the blanket on the ground and dropped their clothes. Kisses were interspersed with sips of wine. She took a sip of wine and carefully slid his cock into her mouth. The wine bathed his cock, making it tingle. He thrust faster until she had to swallow. Little drops trickled down his balls. He moaned. Reaching over her hips, he began to play with her pussy.

She moaned in appreciation and it vibrated his cock. Her hips bucked, pressing against his fingers. He teased and played with her, watching the small pearls of moisture grow as she got more and more excited. Their enthusiasm grew. Then he slowed down.

“Are you sure your cousin won’t mind us fuckin’ around like this in his hay field?”

She pulled back off of his cock she’d been sucking. “No. How many times do I have to tell you that it’s harvest season, and this field has been harvested?”

He looked around. The area did look like a oversized baseball pitch. “Okay honey.”

“Just relax. No stress out here, no baseball, no league conferences.” She went back to sucking his cock, while he fingered her pussy.

Her mouth worked faster until at last he lost concentration and focused only on his cock. He felt his balls tighten and then shoot his load deep into her throat. “Home Run!”




The hike up the mountain had been invigorating. Their clothes disappeared faster than the picnic lunch. He kissed her nipples until they stood out like the granite boulders all around them. She gasped as his tongue slid between her lips. Cool flesh amidst her heat. She arched, and his fingers replaced his tongue. Juices coated his hand as he worshiped her body.

Her hand slid down to his cock, stroking it, guiding it deep inside. Their passion intensified. Their bodies moved in a rhythm matching their heartbeats. Moving faster, their bodies arched with intense pleasure. With a gasp, she came, followed a moment later by him. Separating, they nibbled on the last of the grapes as they caught their breath.

Refreshed, they walked over and leaned against the warm granite. She stroked his cock.

“I can’t get enough of you.”

“Nor I you.” He raised her face and kissed her.

“Your cousin was sweet to tell us about this spot.”

“Yes. A magical place in a season of intense passion.” He smiled as his cock throbbed in her hands. He picked her up, and she wrapped her legs around him as his cock slid deep. Leaning back, they made love slowly. Each stroke caressing her, and reciprocated as her muscles gripped him. The bones of the earth shuddered with their shared joy as they came.




Today’s Flash Fiction Friday challenge included two pictures. 225 words per picture and two required words: cousin and season(s). Our forbidden words: Ranger, Farmer, Park, Rock, Wheat and Trombone. (really Advizor? Granted, each woman was playing a trom-Boner. Teeheehee) We could have a 600 word limit if we used both pictures in the same story. Extra credit if we could make people feel that Winter never comes.

That said, I didn’t really like the first picture. For whatever reason, it just screamed “Jock” to me. Hence the baseball references. The only sport I’m fond of is Bedsports. 🙂

The second picture… I swear I’ve been there. It looks like Vidawo Park up in Wyoming. For that one, the story literally wrote itself. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my offerings today. Check out Advizor’s blog and see who else played. Better yet, play yourself. We do this most Fridays! 

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  1. Trombone is a very erotic mountain term so i had to exclude it. Just because you don’t understand the sexy music of the Nebraska Mountain Sheep Herders Association don’t blame me. I’m glad you took on both pictures, i thought they were great fun and i love the feel of being completely bare under the daytime sun (as opposed to the nighttime sun, I guess).

    And, i really liked the phrase, “The bones of the earth.” Well said my friend.

            1. it’s even better now that I have my actual blog address up. Goddess knows why I cannot write it correctly. *shakes head* It’s up under “nilla-the correct address this time*



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