The Green Man Finale

Sybil laughed. The warmth of the Beltane sun on her face felt good. She watched as Rose danced with her father round the Maypole. At three, she was a sweet fey child, and much loved by her parents.

“Lookie there,” said Vivien, pointing to the children following Cern through the dance.

“Aye. A fine father he is.”

“Special as he be Themins, eh?” Vivien smiled. Sybil had finally admitted that Cern was Themins when Vivien noticed that he waxed and waned with the seasons of the year.

“Aye. He be good wif her and the other wee ones. Them as aren’t fright of him.”

Vivien nodded.

By now, Sybil was comfortable with Cern’s changing looks. She didn’t worry as his body echoed the cycle of the year. She wondered if Rose would do the same as she grew older. Rose could already walk silently in the forest, and went with her father in the early mornings.

“And when be this one due?” Vivien smiled as she looked down on Sybil’s expanding waist.

“Mabon. Hopin’ this be a boy.” Sybil had been surprised to get pregnant once more. Cern had been delighted.

“Well, and it be a good thing.” Vivien was pleased that her friend had found love.


Cern danced up to Sybil and then pulled her into the dance as older folk replaced the children. Rose was on his shoulders and they danced and wove ribbons in and out until the Maypole had been covered once more.

After the dancing, a feast of fresh greens, lamb and apple pie was served. Then the bonfires were lit for livestock to be driven between and lovers to leap over for fertility. Cern laughed and danced with Sybil. Rose had fallen asleep and lay curled up on Cern’s cloak.

“Shall we be off for our own wee celebration?”

“Aye. Lift Rose and we’ll head home.”

Sybil said her goodnights to Vivien and Todd, and then walked home with Cern. When they reached their cottage, Cern tucked Rose in her wee bed while Sybil stirred the fire and lit a candle. Rose would sleep safely in the cottage. Cern took her by the hand and lead her out to a bower he’d made early in the day. Deep straw covered with blankets nested in the middle. Pillows, spring flowers and sweet smelling herbs were scattered across the bedding.

“Oh Cern,” Sybil said as she raised up to kiss him.

Cern took her in his arms and gladly received her kisses. Then he slowly undressed her. As she lay down, he undressed. His cock stood tall, his need pearling on the head. Sybil opened her arms and the two of them were kissing, stroking and caressing each other. His fingers teased and pleasured her.

“Thou art Goddess.” Cern kissed her forehead, breasts, womb and feet.

“Thou art God.” Sybil kissed him in the same manner, and then kissed his cock once more, as it bobbed up and down. He gasped as she took him deep into her mouth. When he could take it no longer, he pulled her up and helped her straddle his lap. As his cock slid into her slick cleft, she moaned with pleasure.

“Oh Sweet Cern.” She leaned forward and kissed him. Then she rocked back and forth until he was gasping with pleasure. Hands on hips, he thrust quickly and gently. As Sybil let her pleasures roll her senses, he held her. As she shuddered, he let loose his own control and filled her with his seed as his own orgasm exploded. They gasped and moaned with shared pleasure. They slept as the moonlight caressed them.

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