The Dragon Boat part 7

“Fader said be careful. I am.” Her hands worked up under his tunic, caressing his skin, nipples, throat. Lothar moaned. This encouraged Ellisif, and she worked the tunic up over his head. They kissed and touched. Lothar’s cock throbbed and he kicked off his trousers as she wriggled out of her tunic. Her skin was warm, and she smelled faintly of lavender.

Lothar cupped her full breasts in his hands and then almost lost his mind as her body brushed against his cock. He gasped as she moved so that she could stroke it. He sucked a nipple into his mouth, trying to concentrate. Ellisif giggled. She took one of his hands off of her breast and moved it down between her thighs. It was her turn to sigh, as his fingers stroked her soft curls and then moved between her folds. She was wet, and he plunged fingers into her as she stroked his cock and balls.

“Ellisiiif,” he moaned. He wasn’t sure he could cope much longer. It had been far too long since he’d had a lover. He rolled her on her back, moved between her thighs and slid his cock in until their hipbones met.

“Ahh.” Ellisif sighed and placed her hands on his hips to hold on as he thrust deep inside. He sped up, and the soft slapping of flesh on flesh became louder. He groaned as he felt his body stiffen. Unable to hold off any longer, he slammed deep into Ellisif and felt his body orgasm. Ellisif whimpered as her own body responded. She arched up and then melted back as she relaxed and shuddered in orgasm. Lothar fell to one side, trying to catch his breath.

“Been too long,” he gasped.

Ellisif giggled. “We can go again. Better second time.”

Lothar rolled his eyes, wondering if he’d be able to soon enough.


Gundar listened to the noises coming from the other end of the boat. He smiled. Ever since Ellisif had become a woman, he’d been the one that she talked to or came to for advice. Tonight had been no different than a dozen times before. However, he didn’t think he’d have to chase Lothar off the ship. This time, it seemed different. He ate a bit of bread and cheese and wondered when Ellisif would be sated enough to let Lothar go.


Lothar felt his balls drain in orgasm. This time, he was on his back, and Ellisif rode him like a pony. She moaned in delight as she came seconds after him. She ground her hips against him and her body shuddered in yet another orgasm. Finally, she moved off of him, clenching her muscles around his cock as they parted. It sent shivers of pleasure up his spine. Then she dropped down next to him.

“Nno more,” he gasped, feeling like he was wading through thick mud.

She laughed again. “Are you sure?”

“Yes! You’ll wear it to a nub. Are you never satisfied?” He’d begun to wonder. She had orgasmed three times on his cock, and he’d lost track of how many times by his fingers.

“Yes, I am now. I enjoy the pleasures of my body. I enjoy pleasuring you too.” She bent down and kissed the head of his cock, which made him flinch a bit as it was so sensitive.

“You… you tease… you wear me out.”

“Yes. And now you jump in the river then guard the boat.” She kissed him on the lips and then felt around for her undertunic. She pulled it on and then wrapped her cloak around her. She held her hand out to him, and he wobbled to his feet. Before he could catch his balance, she tipped him over the edge and into the deep part of the river.

He felt the cold water close around him and sputtered as he cleared the surface. “You bitch!”

Ellisif laughed, blew him a kiss and then disappeared.


Lothar climbed back onto the boat. He was cold and awake. Something he hadn’t thought possible a few minutes ago. He got dressed and walked over to where Gundar sat. He realized that Gundar was laughing.



“Good. You have fun?”

Lothar flushed, even though no one could see it. “Yes. You… you help her?”

“Yes. Always. She is like my little sister. I want her happy. You make her happy. That is a good thing.”

Lothar thought about it. Viking women were more free in their ways than some. Ellisif certainly was, living on the dragon boat. “What Farulf think?”

Gundar thought for a moment. “Hope you survive her. You first man she didn’t knife or chase off. Maybe you go through her heart.”

Lothar didn’t know what to think of that. He swallowed and clasped Gundar on the shoulder. “I think on this. She wore me out.” Then he walked back to his robes to sit and guard the boat. He heard Gundar laugh, and then snore.

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