Sheeple part 43

Andy watched the kids so that Eric and Kate could celebrate Beltaine with a bit of privacy. They indulged in dinner at the Firefly and then came home for a long bath. Eric got out of the bath first and said he’d go make sure the dogs were out of the bedroom while Kate soaked for a few more minutes. Kate didn’t mind as she stretched out in the tub. She soaked for another ten minutes and then realized that Eric hadn’t come back. She figured he must have laid down on the bed and fallen asleep. So much for some playtime. She got out, dried off and wrapped up in the flannel shirt she had come to use as a nightgown. She piled her hair up on her head with a clip and headed for the bedroom.

When she got to the bedroom door, she found a sign that said: Please Turn Over. Curious, she turned it over and stuck it back on the door. The reverse side said: Do Not Disturb. So, she left the sign and opened the door. Kate was surprised to find the room awash in candlelight. Eric was sitting on the bed amidst the pillows. On the nightstand was a bottle of ginger beer and two glasses. Next to that was a plate of their favorite peanut butter cookies.

“I was beginning to wonder if you’d fallen asleep in there.”

“I thought the same of you when you didn’t return to the bathroom. I certainly didn’t expect this.”

“I don’t see why not. It is Beltaine. We have a babysitter and a Do Not Disturb sign on the door.” Eric stood up and Kate could see that he was nude.

“Oh my. Am I overdressed?”

“While a Montana nighty is a sexy item, I do think you are a bit overdressed for the occasion.” He walked over to her and began to unbutton the shirt.

“Montana nighty?”

“Yes….. a man’s flannel shirt on a beautiful woman is very sexy for those from my neck of the woods. We call it a Montana nighty or negligee.” He finished unbuttoning it and slipped it off her shoulders.

“I’ll have to remember that.” Kate smiled at the idea of a flannel shirt being sexy bed attire.

Eric smiled and poured them each a glass of ginger beer. Kate took her glass and a cookie off the plate. Anne had been baking. She knew that Eric loved peanut butter cookies. Pregnancy had really brought out Anne’s sense of domesticity.

“So, how do you plan to have your wicked way with me?” She had a giggle in her voice.

“Once I’ve intoxicated you with ginger beer and peanut butter cookies, I think I’ll see if you’re edible. I didn’t eat enough supper and you may just have to suffice.” Eric smiled and finished off his cookie.

Kate giggled. Finishing off her ginger beer and dusting the cookie crumbs off of her skin, she got up on her knees and crawled towards Eric. When she got to him, she sat astride his legs.

“Oh? You do? And just how will you manage that with me sitting on your lap?”

“Well, I’ll just have to use my superior intelligence to overcome your sneak attack.” Eric put his arms around her and rolled them both over onto the pillows. Kate squeaked as they went over and then dissolved into giggles as he began to kiss her neck and shoulders. She couldn’t keep from wiggling as the kisses tickled the lower down Eric went.

Eric let go of her and moved so that he could get to her breasts and stomach. When he got near her ribs, he nipped them gently.

“Oh! Hey!” Kate squeaked, more from surprise than pain.

Eric grinned at her and she realized that his canines were beginning to show. His kisses began to move over her stomach and down to the cleft between her legs. His breath tickled as he slowly began to lick the soft skin.

Kate opened her legs more as Eric began to nibble up and down the inside of her thighs. He stopped at that point where her legs joined her body and began to slowly lick, kiss and nibble the sensitive skin. Eric’s tongue moved to the outside of her lips and slowly drew across them. Kate gasped and her hips started to arch towards his face. His hands held her hips to keep her still. Then his tongue slid between her lips and touched that button of flesh at the very top.

“Ohh,” Kate moaned.

Eric’s tongue licked her again and again, until Kate arched her back in orgasm. He looked up at her and smiled to see the closed eyed smiling face. Eric slowly started kissing his way up her stomach. As he neared her breasts, her hand reached up and grazed his thigh. He moaned as her fingertips brushed his head and shaft.

Kate felt how hard he was under her fingertips and moved to get out from under his arms. She got half way there when he nibbled her ribs and made her twitch.

“Not fair… you had your fun, let me kiss you.” She moved her lips towards his hips.

“Fair? We play fair? When?” he asked in playful tones.

Kate thought about it for a few seconds and then before she spoke, she reached up with her hand and cupped his balls, pulling him towards her. She moved her head forward, licked the very tip of his head and then blew air across the wet flesh. Eric bucked forward, the intensity of the sensation taking away his motor control for a moment. Kate smiled.

“Okay, I won’t play fair.” She slid her mouth over the hard flesh and took him in as far as she could.

Eric groaned. He had nowhere to brace against other than Kate’s side. She was laying on her side and propped up on one arm to kiss him with those wonderful lips and tongue. He couldn’t help but want to thrust against her mouth. It felt so good as she slid the roof of her mouth across the top of his head and then ran her tongue all over the shaft. His hand landed on her hip and from there, he slid his hand down between her legs and found that her cleft was soaking wet. Warm and wet. His fingers delved in and began to stroke and play with that soft flesh. Kate moaned against his shaft, almost undoing what little control he had left.

“Kate…. I,” he started.

Kate knew that he was close to orgasm, so she slowed her tongue down and slid her lips off of his shaft. It was left quivering in the air next to her nose. At the same time, he took his fingers from her cleft and pulled her to her knees. Kate knew what he wanted and turned so that he could slide into her from behind. She braced herself against the pillows on the bed.

Eric took a breath and then guided his shaft into Kate where his fingers had been a moment before. She was so hot, wet and tight all at the same time. He began to thrust slowly, hoping he would last as her kisses had almost melted his reserve a few moments before. Kate moved with him and in spite of good intentions, their hips began to move faster and faster. Eric could feel the hair along his spine prickle and itch. He knew in the back of his mind that he was beginning to shift and at the same instant, didn’t care. It all felt so good. Eric’s hands tightened on her hips and he realized that the backs were covered with soft gray fur. His thrusts increased in intensity.

Kate was wrapped up in the deep pleasure of Eric’s strokes when she realized he was getting heavy. His hands became hotter and more insistent in their grip on her hips. She pushed back against him more and felt him push deeper inside of her. It sent waves of pleasure across her whole body. She was almost to orgasm when she felt him lay across her back. His thrusts were faster and deeper if that was possible and then his teeth bit into her neck where it joins her shoulder. The waves of orgasm rocked over her. Eric orgasmed as well and the two of them shared the intense emotion, almost freezing them in place for a second.

Eric shuddered from the release and did his best not to fall on top of Kate. He wrapped his one arm around Kate and rolled them to their sides on the bed. Still engaged, the orgasms slowly played over their senses. Eric moved his one arm from around Kate’s waist and let his fingers find that sweet button of flesh between Kate’s nether lips. Before he lost all control of his hands, he worked his fingers so that Kate orgasmed again and again. Each time her body constricting around his shaft it sent waves of pleasure up his spine. Kate arched one last time in orgasm that shuddered across to Eric. They collapsed against the pillows and slipped into sleep.

Kate was the first to wake up. Something didn’t feel right and she couldn’t put her finger on it. Literally. When she raised her hand to rub at her eyes, she realized that it wasn’t a hand with fingers that she was seeing, but a rather large paw covered in silver white fur. She turned to Eric to say that she shifted and all that came out was a yip.

Eric opened his eyes and saw what his ears had told him was next to him in bed. He blinked and then bumped noses with Kate. They exchanged tongue kisses and then Eric stood up and shook all over. He turned back to see Kate tentatively standing up on the bed. She stumbled and then walked off onto the floor. Kate had a sheepish grin across her face and her tail was slowly wagging. Eric turned towards the door and pawed the lever so that it opened. He left the room hoping that Kate would follow. He went down the hall, turned into the kitchen and pawed the back door. It swung open and Kate shot through. He nosed the door closed and followed her down the steps.

Kate loped down the back stairs, marveling at the rich scents in the night air and how bright it all seemed to her. Especially as she knew somewhere in her mind that it was a new moon. She turned to see Eric come down the stairs and then motion for her to follow him out of the yard.

Eric followed the sidewalk and then headed up the alley. He hadn’t jumped the fence as he wasn’t certain of just how co-ordinated Kate was yet on four legs. Kate peered around the edge of the garage, saw where Eric was and joined him in the alley. They moved down the alley, Eric pausing at the road edges, knowing that cars in town were his worst enemy. They got to the school playground and he led her to the culvert. Eric sniffed, found no one in it and headed through it. Kate paused at the entrance and then ducked into the culvert.

The two of them exited the culvert and started across the fields and out into the prairie. Eric had to keep waiting for Kate as she stopped to sniff and investigate almost every bush or hole she passed. It reminded him of the time he had taken a pack of puppies out so that their mother could hunt. Her curiosity was slowing them down. He let it go on for a few minutes and then moved around behind her and nipped her haunches.

Kate had been nose deep in a bush, smelling mice when Eric bit her on the left hip. She turned with a yip and then realized that he was trying to get her to run with him. He pranced in place for a moment and then ran off towards the hills. Kate followed. They ran and ran until they reached Eric’s favorite spot. The rocks were cool, but not cold. Eric flopped down on the rock and caught his breath. Kate laid down next to him. Her senses were still on overload, and she was trying to process all of the input. The world was shades of gray, brown and blue. Her sight was so precise that she could see the mice off in the field and the antelope down in the arroyo at the bottom of the hill. Her nose was also much more sensitive. She was amazed at the richness. Two legs were so sensory deprived.

Eric stood and decided to be playful. He bumped noses with Kate and then nipped at her shoulder and then stepped back. She rolled away from him to start to stand up and he dived in to nip at her ribs. She tried to nip back, but found that he had already moved away again. He moved around behind her and nipped at the base of her tail.

Kate tried to use her teeth to nip back at Eric, but he was faster than she was. The nips didn’t hurt. In fact, they felt good. She stood up and he had moved around behind her and she felt him nip the base of her tail. That sent shivers down her spine.

Eric nipped at her flanks again and then stuck his nose between her hind legs. His tongue licked her and then he moved back.

Eric’s tongue felt so good that Kate moved her tail off to one side. Eric moved closer, putting his paws on her back. She felt him enter her at the same time his teeth sank into her shoulders. The rhythm was fast and it was over before she had time to think about much more than how good it felt. The both plopped panting to the rock.

Eric felt good. So alive. He couldn’t help that his tongue was hanging out and he was panting and drooling all over Kate’s fur. Kate turned towards him and he could see that she was doing the canine version of a silly grin. They both laid there recovering. Eric didn’t want to be out too long as he wasn’t certain when Kate would shift back to two leg form. He nudged her and motioned with his head back towards town.

Twenty minutes later, they were back in town and walking through the culvert when Eric froze. The culvert echoed with the sounds of stones striking back and forth against the walls. Behind him Kate whimpered as the scent of the rattlesnake struck her nose. The snake had been seeking warmth, and the culvert offered a bit of cover. Eric and Kate slowly backed out of the culvert. When they got a few yards away, Kate was visibly shaking. Eric wasn’t too sturdy himself. That was a close call. Instead of using the culvert, he moved them down the streets and back alleys.

While crossing the main road, Eric saw a truck moving. It was big, white and reminded him of something. He sniffed the air and realized that it was Ronny, the man who sometimes brought snacks by for him. Kate whimpered again, and he figured he better get moving. It would not do to be caught by the dog catcher tonight. He moved into the alleys and headed home as fast as he could. They got to the yard and up the stairs just as the truck passed the house. Both of them held as still as possible. When the truck had finally passed, Eric pawed the door open and in they went.

Kate moved down the hall to their room and jumped up on the bed. Turning around three times, she settled in amongst the pillows. Eric stopped to get a drink out of the dog bowl and then followed her to bed. He curled up with her and was soon asleep.

Light coming through the window curtains woke Kate. She stretched and was happy to see that she once again had fingers. At first, as she laid there Kate wondered if it had all been a dream. She went to roll over and talk to Eric when she realized that there was sand in the bed and a fine coat of dust on her skin. It hadn’t been a dream. Her hands and feet also felt as if she had run barefoot all night long. Well, she had…

“Eric,… Eric, wake up.”

Eric moaned, rolled towards her and stretched. He opened one eye and then smiled at Kate. He leaned forward as if to kiss her. Instead, his tongue shot out and licked the tip of her nose.

“Oh Eric!”

“What?” he asked with a smile on his face.

“You are just so… so.. doggy some days.”

“Like you aren’t?” Eric rolled over, noticed the sand and sat up to dust it out of the bed.

Kate just sighed and shook her head. “Okay, you have me there. Did that really happen last night? I didn’t dream it?”

“Nope. You shifted. Must have been right after the last orgasm, because last thing I remember was you sharing the whole emotional mix and sort of passing out. Next thing I know, you are bumping my nose with yours and we went out to play.”

Kate nodded. “That’s what I though. What an experience. I remember things in snatches. Scents, noises and running. Oh, and the snake. That was just as scary on four legs as it is on two.”

“With good reason. The bite that would make me sick as a human might kill the wolf. That was a close call last night.”

“Oh yes. Other things from last night aren’t as clear. I don’t understand all of it.”

“There will be disparity between memories. You and your wolf self aren’t integrated very well yet so there are bits that don’t translate. Hell, I’ve been doing this since I was a teen and still have days when we cross communicate.”

Kate stretched again and realized just how grimy she was. “Shall we go shower?”

“Sounds good.” Eric got up out of bed and the two of them dusted out the sheets. Sand, bits of sagebrush and grass were swept to the floor.

After a long hot shower, Kate was cooking breakfast and Eric went to take the dogs out for a mid-morning romp in the back yard. He let the dogs out and was getting ready to turn back in when he saw a bag hanging on the door lever. It was a bag from the local pet store. Eric took a look inside and began to laugh.

Kate heard the laughter and turned to find Eric holding a bag and a note. “What do you have there Eric?”

Apparently, Ronny has paid us a visit and left us a gift.”

“You mean he left Max a gift.” Ronny had made a habit of leaving things for Max on the back door ever since the big fight.

“No, not just Max.” He handed a note to Kate. It read:

Deer Kate an Eric

heer is a nuw colur for Max saw him wifout one this mornin heer is one for hiz nuw gurlfrend to got the tags on um. dont furget um. i dont wants to pik them up for no shots.


“Oh my gods. He did see us this morning.” Kate sat down on the kitchen stool.

“Yes, he did. Lucky for us, he didn’t pick us up. Me showing up naked in the pound can be put off to a prank. You naked at the pound would be a whole other story.” Then Eric reached in the bag and pulled out two dog collars. Both of them for large dogs. One forest green and the other purple with a sliver and blue pattern wove into it. Tags jangled from each one.

Kate just looked at them and didn’t know whether to laugh or not. Eric took advantage of her lapse of conversation and dropped the purple collar over her head. “Oh thanks Eric.”.

“Well, at least it fits.”

“Yeah.” Kate took it off and turned it over in her hands. That’s when she noticed that the tags were more than just the normal city license. She looked at hers and then at Eric’s. “Did you notice the extra tag?”

“No.” Eric looked at his collar and then laughed. On his was a tag marked MAX. On Kate’s was one marked LADY. The two of them dissolved into laughter.

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    1. While this story won’t continue much longer, there is a second one on the drawing board. 🙂 You aren’t the only one who loves this story and wants to see it continue.

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