Flash Fiction Friday Best Laid Plans…



It was suppose to be the honeymoon vacation they never had. All she wanted to do was sleep. His insistence that they have ‘fun’ was ruining everything.

“Honey, please. It’s just a dinner and a show.”

“No. There are three things I want to do. Sleep, relax and fuck.” She rolled over.

“How about dinner up here, and a walk down by the Strip?”

“No. Keep this up and I won’t even get up. Why can’t we just relax?”

“But… it’s our vacation. We’re suppose to be doing things.”

“No, we don’t have to do anything.”

“Honey,…. please?”

She lifted her arm and gave him the finger. He sighed. Fuck the office guys who gave him a bunch of things to do in Vegas. He moved his hand under the covers, and slid his middle finger down the crack of her ass and into her pussy.

She sighed. He continued to finger her.

“About time you did something I wanted.” She smiled, rolled onto her back and opened her legs. He began to kiss her breast and as his cock stiffened, he moved between her thighs and slid home. So wet. So hot. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.




Okay. Our word limit was 175. Required word was – Insistence/Insistent. Forbidden words were: Bird, Bed, Beg, Big, Begin, Beguine, Bedouin. Extra Credit – Put them on vacation
Bonus Words – 25 extra if they are on their honeymoon

So… First off, you need to know that my Mom. Yes, my MOM sent me this picture. 🙂 She’s a feisty old lady that loves dirty jokes. She knows I write erotica and when she saw this picture, she sent it! 🙂 And, of course, I shared it with Advizor.

Next, I took the bonus. I wanted angst. Tension and sex. Not enough words, so… I took em. 🙂 Hope you like my crazy story. I’m also hoping that I have time to read everyone else’s stories this week! Life has just been way too hectic. Granted, tomorrow isn’t going to be much better. While you lot are reading Flash Fiction Friday stories, I’m going to be doing construction with Wolf on our little house. Wheeeee! Anyone want to come by and help? 🙂 

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  1. Aren’t moms great? When I was planning my honeymoon to Italy my mom stopped me and said, “Don’t go anywhere you’ll feel bad about missing, because you won’t be getting out much.” We went to Jamaica instead. It was perfect.

    I love vacation sex but with three kids in tow and the budget for just one room, it doesn’t happen much anymore. However, one of my favorite memories is of a hotel shower handjob from my GF while her brother and his GF were in the rooom watching TV. I love Vegas. Great entry!!! And send a link to your mom for next week’s FFF.

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