Clamping Down

Now, somewhere in far away New England, someone is going to start cackling. Why? Oh… well… maybe because I’ve heard this cackle before. A couple of times before.

First time was when I started reading erotica and someone dared me to publish some of my stories. The second time was when I said… “I just don’t get the whole Spanking Thing. Or, the D/s thing, but that’s okay. If it makes you happy…”

Then I bought a FSCT with the intent to send it to this person. Of course, my dear partner Wolf said in a voice that I have come to recognize as trouble, said “You should really try it and understand the whole spanking pain-pleasure thing before you send the FSCT off.” Yeah… We all know where that led me. Ahem… but I digress.

The person far away in New England has laughed when I’ve squicked about bruising pinches and nipple clamps. To the point where this person has flat out said,… “You need to give them a try, Just Like the FSCT.” No.

No, no, no.

Not gonna.

Not EVEN gonna. Yeah, go ahead and laugh. Wolf did. He started pinching my nipples. Who needs clamps when he’s got Those Fingers? Sigh… Okay. I like it. Just like I like the FSCT.

Fast forward a few months. Life has been crazy. Busy crazy and our time for playtime has been short to say the least. Our time for kink has been even shorter. Sigh… Plus, we have a long list of house repairs to do before the snows hit. One of which will be being worked on as you read this.

Well, we were in the Dom Store the other night and as we were checking out, the cashier mentioned that something was on sale. 1/4th the normal price. Wolf looked, and then grinned. Yes, THAT Grin. I groaned.

Now what you don’t know is that he and I have had this running conversation for months about these things. Big ones, little ones. Metal, plastic and wood. Most times, the gist of the conversation has been, ‘I bet someone would faint if her Master brought these home.’ or, ‘You know, these would fit nicely…’ Lots of silly conversations in this vein. It’s become a running joke of sorts… The kind that has this semi-serious note deep down inside.

He bought them. So, Nilla, I now have two sets of clamps.


For working on the house!

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