They pulled into the hotel late in the evening. He checked them in while she started gathering their luggage. He came back just as she pulled the last bag out.

“You ready?”

“Yeah. Never stayed here before.”

“Neither have I. Always wondered, what with it’s weird shape.”

She nodded. It was an eight sided architectural oddity. They picked up their stuff and headed up to their 10th floor room. He opened the door and they walked inside.

“Oh my god! It’s a section of a yurt!” He sat down the luggage and walked around the odd room. It wasn’t square. Pie wedge was most accurate.

“Come here a minute! It’s… an Adafruit Flora!” She was looking at the floor plan on the back of the door.

“It sure is. We are spending the night in either a 14 floor yurt, or Ironman’s chest reactor.”

That made them both giggle. After a shower, and a soak, they crawled into bed and fell asleep before either could do more than cuddle.


She woke first as the alarm chirped. He stretched and then rolled to turn it off.

“This bed it just too damn big.”

“Agreed. I think I spent most of the night trying to find you.” He pulled her close and kissed her. Their hands explored each other. As her hand brushed his cock, he moaned. She continued to gently stroke his skin. When he didn’t tell her to stop, she touched his cock again. This time he moaned louder as his cock bobbed and stiffened.

His hand began to stroke her back and then he gasped as she sucked his nipple between her lips. The combination of hot wet lips and then cool air sent tingles down his spine. He nudged her head with his shoulder and she rose to her knees. With a smile, she took his cock into her mouth.

‘Oh… oh damn.” He twitched and moaned as she began to lick and suck his cock. His hand twisted her hair around his fingers as his hips bucked against her mouth. He did his best to finger her as his brain seemed to catch fire.


It was her turn to moan, her voice lost as his cock slid in and out of her mouth. His fingers danced over her clit, sending shivers of orgasm though her body. It became harder to concentrate on his cock. Finally, his fingers sent her too far over the edge and she pulled up off of his cock. In a swift motion, he pulled her to him.

She threw her leg over and slid his cock into her aching pussy. “Ah,” she moaned as pleasure bubbled up her spine. The two of them rocked back and forth. As the feelings intensified, she tried to bounce up and down. It was difficult as the hotel bed didn’t give like theirs. No box spring. It didn’t matter as both of them were rapidly building to orgasm.

He gasped, stiffened and then groaned as his orgasm ripped up his nerves and exploded deep inside of her and behind his eyes. She felt him go, and her own body joined his in orgasmic pleasure. She rocked back and forth as he spasmed and shot the last of his orgasm deep. When he went soft, she shifted off to one side.

“I… can’t… move.”

She smiled. She rolled on one side and stroked his cock right at the tip. He shuddered in post orgasmic pleasure.

“Ddddamn!” He grinned. “Just wait…”

“I am.” She stretched out and relaxed, enjoying the warm heat of the orgasm as it melted through her body.


Ten minutes later, he rolled over and began to tickle her clit. She opened her legs and he fingered her clit and then thrust deep in her pussy in combination until she gasped out her orgasm. He smiled as she seemed to pass out with the last orgasm. He waited ten seconds and then whispered in her ear. “We have forty minutes to shower and get to the meeting.”

She was too limp with pleasure to care.

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