Flash Fiction Friday Stoic


The job had been lovely at first. Then Belle learned that Geoff was a sadistic bastard. She’d been the dutiful secretary. He complimented her. Gave her raises. Indulged her. When she was firmly ensnared, the job changed. He criticize her clothing, and changed her wardrobe. Changed her makeup and hair as well. He demanded that she wear his ‘collar’, as he called the black velvet ribbon with the huge sapphire. She’d even been pleased with the earrings. His sexual advances couldn’t be ignored. She tried. Blowjobs when he wanted them. Fingering her during dictations or while she answered his phone. Fucking her whenever he felt like it. He’d even made her masturbate with his cigars before he smoked them. If she argued, he took the crop to her thighs, her ass and then fucked her.

Like tonight. The Charity Ball. He wanted her. Now. In the woman’s bathroom. He’d locked the door and unzipped his fly. She knelt and sucked his cock until it was hard.

“Bend over and finger yourself.” He flipped his tie out of the way.

Pulling up her dress, she slipped her hands between her thighs and stroked her clit, her pussy. She knew he watched. Heard his breath take on the harsh gasp of impending orgasm. Before she could move her fingers, he plunged deep into her pussy. He came hard and fast, leaving her wanting. He wouldn’t let her come until later that night, when her need overcame her sensibilities.

She took things with resignation. She knew there was no escape. She’d come to like it.



After ten years with the company, he’d had enough. He’d tendered his resignation at the board meeting on Tuesday. While clearing his desk, Mitzy, the CEO’s sexy hauty wife walked in.

“I hear you’re leaving.”

“Yeah. Had enough.”

“Is there anything that might change your mind?” Her LBD fit like a glove. Her earrings cost more than a year of his salary. Makeup and hair were perfect.

He thought for a moment and a smile came to his face. If they sent Mitzy, they were desperate. “Well, lock that door. Let me fuck you, and I might reconsider.” He figured she’d slap his face. Instead, she locked the door and walked over to him. A hand caressed his crotch.

“How do you want me?”

“Bend over the desk, show me that sweet ass and finger yourself.” He watched in amazement as she did. Flipping his tie over his shoulder, he unzipped and slid his throbbing cock deep inside her. She was tight. Her ass fit his hands like ergonomic grips. He thrust in and out rapidly. Mitzy didn’t make a sound. He fucked her harder and after wetting his thumb, he slid it into her ass. She gasped, but didn’t stop. He came hard, filling her with cum. Pulling out, he wiped his cock on her panties and stuffed them in his pocket.

She stood, rearranged her clothes and turned to face him. “Will you stay?”

He watched as his cum trickled down her thigh. “Great fuck, but no.”


“I said might, not would.” Smiling, he grabbed the box and left.



Our challenge this week is… a word length of 237. The required word is Resignation A bonus of 25 words can be earned/used if we tell about her earrings. As for Extra Credit… Surprise Advizor.

I had a couple of ideas roll around. Her face was so stoic, that I threw the first few out. The results of what I kept are above. Hope you like my FFF. If you’d like to play, visit Advizor’s blog on Wednesday, and see what challenge he’s set.

10 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday Stoic

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  1. I like the contrasting endings. One of true resignation to a fate, the other rebellion against the fate dictated to you. This is why we have you around, to make us all look like beginners. Great takes on the tale. Thanks!!

  2. I love the second one; and I know of people who have said that in business (not for sex, but other things) – you do this and I will reconsider.

    They never reconsider the way they want it to go though 🙂

  3. “Her ass fit his hands like ergonomic grips” = equal parts amusement and arousal. Impressively cool wordplay that paints the proverbial picture.
    I love that you centered both your stories around look on her face. You took her stoicism and ran with it in two completely different directions. It was the second submission, though, that I adored. There is something quite compelling about Mitzy’s resignation (or at least cool detachment) coming in response to his resignation letter.

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