Sweet, Slutty Dreams

One hand slapped her ass as the other fingered her pussy. She was lost in the mix of pain and pleasure, with orgasm a touch away. Face down on the bed, she couldn’t tell when the next blow would land, adding to the subspace she found herself floating in. Almost there… she could feel the familiar heat build in her body, it was going to be so good.

Lynne woke up, panting. She’d woken from the dream seconds before she orgasmed. Her body throbbed with sexual potential. Rolling over, she found Quin fast asleep. Sighing, she went to the bathroom and then crawled back in bed to sleep.

The alarm went off somewhere in the background as Quin nudged her. “Time to wake up sleepyhead.”

“Oh, do I have to?”

“Yes. We have things to do.”

“Damn. I was hoping to recapture a dream.”

“What kind of dream?”

“One that’s left me so horny.”

“You are always horny. What was so good about this dream?” He pulled her close and they snuggled.

“Well, I was being spanked and fingered. Held down on my stomach, so I couldn’t see or move. In the dream, I was almost to orgasm when I woke up.”

“Ah. Well, I’ll trade you a foot rub for a back rub. My feet hurt.”

Lynne nodded and began to rub Quin’s feet. “They must hurt. You aren’t even ticklish this morning.”

“Nope.” He stretched each foot as she finished. Lynne moved back up to the head of the bed and a few minutes later, Quin began to rub her back. As she relaxed, he started to tickle her ribs. Lynne gasped, moaned and twitched until he stopped.

“Nottttt fair.”

“Nope.” He curled around her and moved his knee up between her thighs. A few minutes later, he began to stroke her back. His fingers went lower and lower until they moved between her thighs. “You must have been dreaming nicely. You’re soaked.”

“Yes,” she moaned softly as he began touching her clit.

Quin kissed the back of her neck and fingered her to orgasm a number of times. As she gasped and moaned into her pillow, he moved up on to her knees and straddled her lower leg. Pushing her upper leg, he positioned his cock at the opening of her pussy and thrust in.

“Oh yes!” Lynne cried out softly. She grabbed her knee and pulled it up to let Quin thrust in deeper. His thrusts sped up until the sound of flesh on flesh sounded like rapid applause. His fingers gripped her thigh tightly as his orgasm raced up his spine. He thrust deep and came. Lynne spasmed in orgasm a moment later, her upper leg wrapping around his back, holding him tight to her body as they both twitched with pleasure.

Quin moved off and fell to the mattress. “Oh damn.”

“Very nice.” She curled up to Quin and the two of them dozed for a few minutes.

Twenty minutes later, Quin rolled over to give Lynne a few more orgasms. Her body was still twitchy and sensitive from earlier. He ramped her up and then stopped just before she orgasmed. He laughed as she gasped and tried to protest. Then he gave her a series of orgasms that made her pass out. As she lay there, he blew in her ear until she breathed.

“Oh…” She grinned. “I shared nicely?”

“Yeah. I’m dripping.”

She reached down and touched his cock. It bounced against her touch and she stroked it until it was stiff and Quin was moaning softly. She got to her knees and took him in her mouth. He grabbed her thigh and began fingering her again. She was soaked with her own juices and his cum. One, two and then three fingers as his thumb stroked her clit on the out-strokes.

Lynne moaned against his cock, trying not to come and lose hold of it. It didn’t work. She cried out an orgasm as Quin’s fingers filled her. He stroked her g-spot and then her clit until she exploded. As she tried to catch her breath, he pulled her close and she moved so that his cock slid deep. They both shivered in pleasure.

Quin grabbed her hips and thrust hard and fast. Lynne held her breasts as she began to bounce up and down, driving him deep. Her breath caught as the orgasm began to build.

“Oh… god… ohhhh!” Quin hissed between his teeth as his second orgasm of the day shredded his senses. Lynne felt her own orgasm build and build… Slow rolling waves of orgasm floated through her as she came and Quin gripped her hips in orgasm. She ground against him, trying to come again. Quin pulled her to the mattress and worked his hand between her thighs and brought her to orgasm hard and fast. She squeaked, cried out and then lay there in a puddle.

“You soaked the bed.”

“Our fault,” she mumbled.

“No, yours.” He teased her by painting her nose with their juices. She giggled.


“Yes, but your dream.”

She nodded, but didn’t remind him that he’d forgotten the spanking.

4 thoughts on “Sweet, Slutty Dreams

  1. Nothing better than eliciting a squeak in bed. You know you have found the right combination. I’d say pat yourself on the back but hands were obviously busy.

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