An Update, and A Sad State

We were gone for the weekend and so exhausted when I got back, that I never had a chance to post. However, there will be some new stories starting this week. 

And now a Sad State. Yes, the ‘morally righteous’ are at it again. If you publish online, check to see if your books are where you left them. The Digital Reader had this story on self published erotica taking a dive. The BBC had this one. I think what I find most frustrating is that they will keep a hardback book on the shelf, but delete an ebook. Sigh… 

Oh, and for a little humor… For all of you who just can’t get enough of tentacles, here is a pattern. This just cracked me up. 

6 thoughts on “An Update, and A Sad State

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  1. Amazon has deleted @4,000 ebooks in the erotica section since Friday night ! I received an newsletter, from Michelle Keep, only a few hours ago that Kobo has deleted all Indie author’ ebooks including YA. I think that Amazon has a very large team working on this censorship.

  2. It would seem that it would be foolish of them to target self publishers as they do make money off of them. I did look for someone’s book in particular and sure enough it was gone. It is because the title has the work Babysitter in it. The content has nothing to do with underage kids, but because of that word it has been removed.

    I wonder if they are going to remove books like John Norman’s Gor series since it depicts kidnapping, rape, and whippings.
    Most likely not. Seems they are targeting indie authors only.
    Ann Rice’s The Beauty Trilogy is not pulled down.

  3. Until they feel it in their profits, those companies have no incentive to change. The company I haven’t seen mentioned is Smashwords which allows you to publish in all formats – including the ever popular Kindle. I’m going to watch what they do but I may give them my business instead.

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