Touch, Fondle, Fuck


Fingers stray across warm flesh, grazing the fine hairs along arms, breasts, waists. Heartbeats increase along with desire.Trailing down each others sides, the caresses become more intimate. Gasps of pleasure punctuate tickles, strokes and rubbing fingers. Palms cup breasts, hips, balls. Bodies press against each other. Heat flows along with passionate pinches. Sweet kisses flare into intense grappling.


Moist mouths kiss, sucking tongues in to rasp against teeth. Nipples harden as they are pinched. Fingers plunge in between lips damp with excitation. Juices flow. Hot breath makes balls crinkle tight and twitch with delight. Mouths descend on sweet clit and aching cock. Slick mouthfuls muffle moans of growing excitement.


Sudden changes of position. Throbbing aching cock thrusting into soaking wet pussy. Muscles grab hard flesh and caress it as it slides in and out. Rhythm builds. Passion flows with drops of cum. Slapping flesh heightens the joy with accents of intense sound. Panting voices call out as excitation builds. Faster… faster… until exquisite pleasure freezes them in a moment of pure joy.


Limp with orgasm, hands hold breasts softly. Lips press against lips, breasts and fingers. Soft voices croon pleasure as hands graze the clit or cock. Juices flow and heartbeats slow. Holding one another close.


Fingers gently caress. Goosebumps march across skin still hot with lust. Sighs and gentle moans accompany slowly subsiding joy. Curling tight, bodies pressed against one another, sleep conquers all.

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