“We should be getting up.”

“I know. It’s just nice and warm here, and feels so good cuddling up next to you.”

Lynne cuddled up closer. She ran her fingers over his stomach, narrowly avoiding his cock. Then her fingers traveled up and down his thighs, teasing that sensitive flesh right in the crease of his leg.

“Sweetie,” he said trying not to moan.


“We don’t have time for this.”

“Well, if we don’t make time for this, you’ll just be grumpy, and I’ll ‘esplode’.”

He kissed her and tried to distract her hands. “I think once we get the lumber today, that we can get going on the wall.”

“Mmmhmmm,” she sighed as she reclaimed her hand and moved it up and down his thighs once more. She smiled as she realized that his cock was straining against his sports briefs.

“Aand, um… we could probably put up the lights we bought at IKEA.” He stammered as she grazed the head of his cock with her fingers as they passed by the edge of his briefs. Drops of precum soaked the fabric.

Lynne ran her fingers up one thigh and this time across his balls. Quin gasped as his cock arched. “I think you’ve got too many clothes on.”

Quin nodded and peeled out of his briefs. Lynne smiled, bit at his nipple lightly and then kissed her way down his stomach. He gasped when her mouth wrapped around his cock. Grabbing the back of her head and her braid, he held her in place as his hips arched upwards, driving his cock deep into her throat. As she moaned and hummed up and down his cock, he finally had presence of mind to grab her ass and then finger her pussy. She was dripping. His fingers delved into her pussy and stroked her clit until she orgasmed hard enough to pull clear off of his cock.

Lynne caught her breath and then sat astride Quin, guiding his cock into her pussy. It was her turn to gasp at the pleasure of being filled. She went to rock back, but Quin had grabbed her nipples and was pinching them hard. She gasped again, the quixotic mix of pain and pleasure melting her brain.

Quin let go of her nipples and grabbed her hips. Thrusting upward as she leaned back felt good to both of them. Lynne cupped her breasts, and began to bounce. She knew he loved the hard driving motion. Quin’s breathed faster as he felt the orgasm begin to bubble. He tried to hold it back, but Lynne’s body felt so good wrapped around his cock. A few more thrusts and his mind exploded as the pleasure ripped up his body. He squeezed Lynne tightly as his body arched and froze.

Lynne loved watching Quin come. She kept rocking her hips back and forth as best she could, milking every last drop of orgasm from him. When he collapsed to the bed, she rocked back and forth a few more times and then moved to the bed.

“Oh… oh my.”

She smiled.


An hour later, she rolled over having woken up from her orgasmi-nap to feel Quin touching the backs of her legs. Before she could say anything, he pulled her legs opened and straddled the bottom one. His cock filled her soaked pussy as he grabbed her hips and began to thrust deep.

“Oh! Oh… hhhow I love this ppposition.” She spoke between strokes of his cock. Quin just smiled and sped up. Lynne grabbed her knee, to open herself more, and basked in the deep penetration. Her body reacted, and she came hard, her pussy gripping Quin’s cock tightly. He gasped and gripping her tightly, poured himself deep into her as he came. Quin collapsed behind Lynne and pulled her to him as he tried to catch his breath.

“That was intense!”

“It certainly was. I’ll, tickle that clit of yours in a few minutes when I find my bones.”

Lynne giggled. Quin nearly always said that she took his bones when he orgasmed really intensely. They laid there spooned up for a good twenty minutes. Then Quin moved so that he could touch Lynne’s clit.

Lynne arched with the first touch. She was so sensitive. “Oh! ‘squeak’ Oh my!”

He laughed. Stroking her until she squeaked again just made it better. Finally after six or seven little orgasm, Lynne came hard enough to pass out and do the “stop breathing” thing. He blew across her face until she took a deep breath.


“Melt your brain did I?”

“Uuuhuhhh… Did I share nice?”

“Yes, yes you did.” He rolled back to show her his cock which was hard and dripping cum.

“Want to go again?”

“Sure.” He leaned back as she took him in her mouth. He shuddered with what could only be described as micro orgasms. He played with her pussy until she lost presence of mind and pulled off his cock. She climbed back on and they began again. Bucking, bouncing, rocking. She moaned and gasped with orgasms. His body twitched and shuddered. The orgasms weren’t as powerful as the first, but still good. They collapsed to the bed.


An hour later, they got up, bathed and headed out to do the shopping at the Dom Store. “We should have gotten up earlier.”

“Quin, we both needed that more than we needed to get the construction done. It’s been a crazy week with another one before that.”

He looked at her, smiled and nodded. “You’re right. Construction can wait for another day. At least we can get the shopping done for now.” He pulled out onto the highway and headed for the rumble strips. Lynne gasped as the vibrations from the strips took her straight to orgasm. Quin laughed.

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