…And the Big Bad Wolf

I promised a new chapter of Luc and Meg. Five years have passed…


Luc’s head snapped up from the computer he was connecting in the lab on the first floor. Looking over, he saw a shadow cross the floor. Moving quickly, he crossed the thirty feet in about two seconds. He grabbed the intruder by the throat and hoisted him off of the floor at full arm extension. The man was dressed in a tee shirt, sweats and sneakers. Behind him, the door the man had jimmied clicked shut.

“What are you doing in my school?” Luc growled.

The man squeaked. He grabbed for the hand squeezing his jaw and tried to wriggle.

“I’d hold still if I were you.” Luc checked the man for weapons. When he found none, he turned his face back to the man. “Now, I’m going to let you down. You will explain yourself. If you do not do so sufficiently, I will put you back on the wall.”

The man sighed with relief as Luc lowered him to the floor. He swallowed a few times and then spoke in a semi strangled voice. “I… I’m a deputy sheriff. I was conducting a re-readiness and awareness raid on the school.”

“Are you crazy? School isn’t even in session. Did you inform the principal?”


“The Sheriff?”


“So, you just got the bright idea to pick the lock on the door of a school building before school, when there are no students here, no alarm system on and when no one knows you’re conducting your little exercise?
The deputy sheriff nodded.

“You are luck you aren’t dead.”

“You couldn’t have hurt me.”

“Who was hanging by his jaw not more than a minute ago?”

The deputy sheriff looked at him sullenly.

“I suggest you go and talk to your boss. Tell him what you did. Then I expect you to be back here to apologize to the principal. That’s Mr. Swanson. Now get the hell out of my school.” Luc’s voice rumbled with subvocals.

“Who the hell are you? And why do you think you can order me around?” The deputy was getting cocky.

“First off, I’m the man that ‘owned you less than three seconds after you broke into a school building. I’m Lucian Moreau, owner and chief IT tech for Alpha Wolf Tech, the hired contractors for the school. While I’m in this building, I am in charge. This building and anyone in it are mine to protect. This is also the school that my twins and their cousins will be attending in less than two weeks. Is that clear?”

The deputy stood like the words had parted his crew cut. He nodded, turned and walked towards the door. Luc followed him out and made sure the door was undamaged and closed securely. He came back around the corner to see Miss Perry standing there with a look of concern on her face.

“Did you just… stop him?”

“Yes.” Luc walked back towards the computers to finish his work.

“You… you had him by the throat. Would you have hurt him if he hadn’t co-operated?”

“Yes.” He took a deep breath and went back to installing updates on the new computer system.

“What if he’d had a gun?” She was still a little shocked from what she had seen and was processing verbally.

“Well, he would have been disarmed. If he persisted, he’d have been dead.”

“You wouldn’t have really killed him would you?”

“If necessary. That would not have been my first choice.”

“Would… would you have done the same thing if there had been kids in the building?”

“Yes. No one messes around my school.”

“But you’re only a contractor.”

“Yes, and as long as I work here, I consider this my property to protect. Plus, my niece and nephews as well as my twins attend this school. I am a very protective parent.” He moved on to the next computer.

“Oh. Okay.” She walked off, looking at Luc again. She turned back. “Um… you don’t look like you could lift someone up like that.”

“Adrenaline is a wonderful thing. Plus, I’m much stronger than I look.” He smiled at her as kindly as possible, trying to mellow out the situation, when what he really wanted to do is hunt down that stupid deputy and shred him.

“Alright. Well, I’m glad to know that you are so protective of the school.” She headed back to her classroom.


Luc sat down and took a deep breath. It was thirty minutes at least since he’d attacked the deputy. He reached into his briefcase and pulled out an energy bar. He felt like he’d burned every calorie in his body. The combo of adrenaline and trying not to shift had drained him.

“What’s up with you?” asked Charles.

“We just had an unscheduled, unsanctioned intrusion attack by a deputy that didn’t follow any of the protocols.”

Charles looked at Luc with a bit of suspicion. “What happened?”

“I got to him in about three seconds, hoisted him up by the jaw and then we had a little talk.”

“Ah.” He looked back at the lab. “Are we done here?”

“For the day. Let’s go back over to the Tech Lab and get ready for tomorrow.”

Charles and Luc headed to the building one over from the elementary.



“Daddie! Daddie! Daddie!” Linsey and Elliot cried as Luc came through the door.

Luc scooped them up and carried them towards the kitchen where Meg stood at the stove.

“How was work?” She turned to kiss him through the arms of the twins.

“Well, um… a little eventful.”

Meg put the spoon down and held out her hands to the twins. “You two go play until supper.”

They leaned towards their mom and then were set down on the ground. Linsey and Elliot were out of the kitchen in seconds.

“What happened.”

Luc sat down at the table and explained. Meg wasn’t happy, but then again, she’d rather him protect the school where the twins and the terrible trio attended. She had been relieved that he hadn’t shifted either.


“And then the big bad wolf huffed, and puffed, and blew the house down!” Luc read with all sorts of sound effects. It sent the twins straight into high pitched giggles. When they settled down, he finished the story, tucked them in bed and turned out the lights.

Meg met him at the bedroom door. “And will the big bad wolf be visiting me tonight?”

Luc smiled.
It hadn’t exactly been love at first sight, but Luc and Meg enjoyed a loving relationship. Their fifth anniversary wasn’t that long ago. He stood watching her as she stepped out of the shower. She’d regained her figure fairly soon after the twins were born, but her breasts were fuller. He moved forward to kiss and fondle them as she tried to dry off.


“Yesh?” His tongue snaked out and licked a nipple into crinkling stiffness. His cock throbbed and bobbed. His hands moved to her waist, and he disregarded her protests as he picked her up and carried her to their bed. Laying Meg down, he moved between her thighs and began to lick and suck at her pussy. When his tongue grazed her clit, she arched up in anticipation of more pleasure. Luc repeated the tongue stroke and when she arched again, he slid two fingers inside.

“Oh…” she groaned. Meg moved up onto the bed, and pulled Luc up from where he was driving her wild. He moved up, letting his cock slide inside.

“Hhhyesh.” His hips met hers in rapid thrusts. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him against her tightly. Luc thrust in deeper until he felt himself bottom out.

Meg gasped and moaned. “Oh… oh… yes!” she cried out softly.

Luc increased his rhythm, feeling his body hit that partial shift, where endurance increased. He held her up off of the bed as they worked towards orgasm. Meg began to cry out as her body shuddered with pleasure. Her muscles clamped down on his cock as she came. Luc followed her a moment later, with a shuddering orgasm that left them both limp.

“Oh damn.”

“Uhrruh.” Luc’s jaw had shifted just enough to make speech slur.

“Too much work, stress and no playtime.”

Luc nodded and pulled Meg closer to him as they fell asleep.


Wolf got up in the middle of the night to check on the pups. When he was certain all was safe, he crawled back into bed with Soft One. Curling around her, he went to sleep. 

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