Flash Fiction Friday Cemetery Games


Deke and Jeff were hidden in the cemetery next to Alferd Packer’s grave. They waited for their friend Betsy and the sorority girls to arrive.

“You sure we’ll get to see Jenny and Tina naked? Those are two of the most uptight and prudish girls on campus. Both of them signed that damned virginal promise thing.”

“Yeah Jeff, I’m sure. Betsy was real clever. Besides, no one visits this cemetery this late in the year. They’re freaked out about the old cannibal over there.” Deke pointed to the white headstone and cemented in grave next to them.



Jenny, Tina and Ann were waiting for Betsy. She’d told them to be at the sorority house by nightfall. The sun was just setting when Betsy pulled up.

“Glad to see all of you accepted the Sigma Epsilon Xi invitation.

The three girls nodded.

“Well, here are the rules of the test you have to follow to join us.” Betsy handed out a list and then waved them into the car. Betsy drove off before they could change their minds. She pulled into a back street next to the cemetery, twenty minutes later.

“Okay. Drink from the flask, strip off and then go perch like a gargole on one of those headstones next to a street lamp.”

The three girls nodded and drank. It was Everclear mixed with juice. Then they stripped off and scampered out of the car as fast as they could. Each found a ‘perch.’ Jenny straddled a cross, with her heels on the cross bar and her pussy just barely touching the stone. Her gymnast body was gorgeous.


Deke and Jeff smiled. Each of the girls was spotlit. Their cocks strained against their jeans. Jeff pulled out his cock. It didn’t take long for him to spill his seed on the ground. Deke didn’t take long either.

Betsy smiled as she watched the whole scene. She was so horny. Sweet pussy, guys jerking off. A good fuck now would be perfect.




Jenny couldn’t believe she’d accepted the invitation to the Sigma Epsilon Xi sorority. Yet there she was, just after nightfall, stripping down and running across a cemetery. The stone she chose still had some heat in it, so perching on it wasn’t too bad.

At first.

Then she noticed that her pussy was slowly rubbing up against the knob on top of the stone. She tried to adjust herself, but her clit rubbed against the stone. She moaned softly. She did it again. She moved her hands so that her thumbs stroked the sides of her clit as she rubbed up and down.

She couldn’t figure out why she was so horny. Maybe there was alcohol in that juice? She ‘adjusted’ herself again. This time, her pussy clenched and she rubbed harder. Her body shivered in near orgasm. Jenny realized that she couldn’t take it any longer even though Betsy’s rules told her to stay still. She moved up a little higher and guided herself down onto the stone knob. It was like an itty bitty cock.

Oh yes! Oh my! Oh… Jenny slowly moved up and down. She felt an orgasm build. Jenny kept moving. The orgasm washed over her and she froze in pleasure. It was better than her little vibrator. When she could breathe, she started again. Her juices had run down the headstone, making it slick. As she bounced, her hair flew out around her shoulders. A second orgasm followed the first. Her nipples were hard and ached. Jenny wished that she had a real warm cock between her pussy lips as she came a third time.


Betsy filmed Jenny masturbating from across the lawn. She smiled. Ann had already passed out and fallen to the ground. Tina was slowly rocking back and forth about to bring herself to orgasm as well. Betsy switched to film Tina, which was great. It brought Deke and Jeff into the frame. Both stood with cocks fisted. The cum shot would be fan-tas-tic!



Our challenge this week from our favourite pervert… I mean procurer of erotic stories gave us these rules:

  • Required Words – “Invitation” AND”nightfall”
  • Word Limit – 2 stories of 333 words each
  • Forbidden words – Vampire, Succubus
  • Bonus Points – Put something real about yourself in the story, but you don’t have to tell us what it is.
  • Extra Words – Share your story with 2 friends who don’t know you write like this. You get 100 extra words for this one.

Now, there is no way for me to earn the extra words. I have two sets of friends. Those that know me in Real Life, and those that know me from Flash Fiction Friday and my other erotic writings. There are only Two that cross that line. Oh yeah… ’cause they come from the pervy side… 🙂 Yes, dear readers, I am deep in the closet with my writings, which is funny, because I’m not about my religion. Pagan.

As for the real bit… Teeheehee… Can you figure out what it is? Hope you like my stories. And if you enjoyed Flash Fiction Friday, the Halloween edition, check out Advizer next Friday and see what he has in mind. Join us!

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