Kinda quiet…

Yeah, life has caught up to me in a rather drastic fashion. Daughter home from college for a weekend, construction work, cooler weather… lots of mundane work for both of us,. Busy schedules, meetings and ummm… sleep! Must have sleep. Wolf requires (okay, Demands)  that we have sleep. So, I haven’t posted in the last few days. Getting home at 9pm does not lend to turning on the computer to write. 

So, I have had to let stories just stack up in my head. Plus, as a reward, we went out to dinner and watched a movie for the first time in ages. 

Flash Fiction Friday will be up later tonight. Not so sure if there will be a post or two this weekend. Yes, life has been that kinda crazy.  Hope you take some time to read up on some of your favourite stories. Comment too! 

Now back to the mundane… sigh… Anyone want to come wash my dishes?

Wordwytch and Wolf

4 thoughts on “Kinda quiet…

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    1. It has been, and just got a little more crazy. Wolf has work with one of our other clients Friday morning.

      I’m willing to see how good your dish washing skills are. 🙂

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