Seaside Noir

Third Body Found On Shore

Yet another male body was found floating in the tidal pools off the shores of Baja. This is the third one in the last six months. The police are baffled by the situation. When interviewed by Channel 18 News, the police stated: “All three men were found in the water, but were not victims of drowning. Instead, their bodies like like they’ve been cuddled by an octopus. The victims are all young men in their late 20’s, handsome. If you know anything about these crimes, please call the police station.”


George looked down at the corpse on the morgue tray. “This guy could almost be the twin of the last one.”

“I know,” said David, the coroner. “Their blood work is funny too. Like they’ve been given some intense aphrodisiac. Oh, and their cocks and balls are swollen, yet I don’t think there is a drop of sperm in their systems.”

“David, they’ve been in the water! Of course their stuff is swollen.” George looked exasperated. It was bad enough that drowned bodies swelled, but these guys looked like porn studs.

“No! In spite of the water, these guys have all been fucked silly. Or fucked someone silly. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear that we had some sort of succubus out there killing men. Sucking them dry of every drop of sperm.”

“You’re funny. It’s too close to Halloween for this shit.”

David just shook his head. “I’ll get a chemical analysis of the stuff in their blood. You’ll see. This isn’t just some run of the mill gigolo offing.”

“Alright. Let me know what you find.” George waved goodbye and walked out of the morgue. He was heading down to the office and planned to comb the case files for any other suspicious drownings.


He walked up behind where she sat at the computer. “You really need to be more careful.”

“I know Daddy.”

He ruffled her sun bleached hair. “Am I picking up little Steven from school, or are you.”

“I’ll do it Daddy.” Aleria stood, kissed her father and headed out the door.


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