Fair warning! Dragons LURK and PLAY here!

The doorbell rang. Eva stood up and walked over to the open door. Nothing. No one. Even the street was empty. “That’s weird,” she thought. Shaking her head, she walked back to the chair and picked up her book. Twenty minutes later, the back door slammed.

“Rick? Is that you?” she called as she headed towards the back door. Once again, she was greeted by silence. Empty silence. “Well, it is nearly Halloween.”


Dinner was quiet. Rick was working late and Eva had decided to go ahead and eat. After dinner, she curled up in bed with her book and read until she fell asleep.


Hands pulled the book from her under her head. Then they ran caressingly down her body. Eva moaned and rolled towards the hands. Kisses rained down her face, neck and breasts. She woke, and began to return the kisses, only to find the bedroom empty. She quickly turned on the light and found the bedroom empty. The clock read 8:04pm.

“That was just weird. I must have been dreaming.” Eva turned off the light and curled back up. Rick wasn’t due home until nearly midnight. She listened to the noises in the house. Nothing unusual. Nothing strange. She fell back asleep.


Hands took hold of her wrists as kisses began to tease the flesh of her neck. Eva’s nipples were sucked in turn into a wet mouth. She moaned softly and woke up. The room was pitch dark. “Rick?”

Nothing, but the touching and kissing continued. She tried to move her hands and couldn’t. “Rick, this isn’t funny. Talk to me! Let go of me!”

Nothing. Except that the kisses and touches became more intent. More intimate. Eva tried to closer her legs, and realized that she couldn’t. Then a second set of hands began to touch her pussy, her clit.

“No! Let go of me!” She struggled, trying to stop whoever it was in the room. It did no good. The fingers moved up into her pussy and stroked her clit. Her body in spite of her fear and panic began to react. To her horror, she felt herself getting wetter and wetter. Then she felt the cock push inside. It was bigger than Rick, and it stretched her.

“Ow! Stop! Please leave me alone!” She tried to move away, but the hands holding her wrists never budged. The cock moved deep and fast inside of her pussy. Despite her outrage and fear, her body responded. A wet mouth covered her nipple and sucked hard.

“Oh… ddddon’t!” she tried to cry out.

The mouth switched to the other nipple. From the angle, she knew he was behind her, but that made no sense as her head was up on the pillows. The cock pounding her pussy sped up. Her body responded. Then the cock thrust-froze as it came deep inside of her. It pulled out a moment later and then another cock took it’s place. This one was longer, but not as thick. It too began to pound her pussy.

“Please, leave me alone! Nooooo,” she cried as her body crossed that boundary and ripped an orgasm from deep inside. As she arched, the cock inside of her slowed and a finger played with her clit, taking from simple pleasure to shuddering hard orgasm. As she tried to recover, the cock pounded harder until it too came deep inside.

Eva’s body shuddered and twitched with orgasm after orgasm as the two cocks took turns fucking her or fingering her to orgasm. At last, her body could take no more and she passed out.


“Hey sweetie, I’m home.” Rick turned on the little bedlamp. It was nearly 2am, and he felt bad it had taken him so long to fix the computer issue at work. When the light came on, he was surprised to see Eva sprawled out on the bed, looking like she’d been fucked. “Eva?”

Eva woke, saw Rick and practically leapt into his arms. “Oh Rick! It was… horrible. Scary. I was so panicked and it didn’t matter what I did. I… I couldn’t move!”

“What happened?”

Eva explained. She held out her wrists and there were red marks where the hands had held her. Her nipples were red, and her pussy was swollen and dripping with juices. Not knowing what else to do, Rick held her. When she was calm, they called the police.


The rape nurse at the hospital took swabs, as another one took Eva’s statement. When the examination was done, the nurse asked for Eva’s address. She turned pale when Eva gave it.

“What’s the matter?”

“Um… how long have you lived there?”

“About two weeks. Why?”

“Let me guess. You got a really good deal on it right?”

“Yeah. It was marked down nearly $10,000 from the original price. Why?”

The nurse looked towards the door, and then back at Eva. “You need to move out. Now. Have your hubby go back in the day light. Don’t go back.”

“What? Why? You’re scaring me.” Eva hugged her arms around herself.

“The place is haunted. Two big burly guys use to take great pleasure in raping women there. Sometimes they had buddies that joined them. One would come in the back door, and the other in the front. They rented it out to couples, and then would attack the wife. Nothing was too weird for them. People would call the police, but it was like they were golden boys. Then one day, an irate husband shot both of them after they’d literally fucked his wife to death. Ever since then, it’s been haunted.

“Nnno… it can’t be.”

“It is. I can almost guarantee that the samples will come back negative. It’s happened before.” The nurse gave Eva a pat on the hand and then left the room.


Eva told Rick what had happened in the exam room. He didn’t want to believe it. “No, it can’t be. Ghosts can’t do that.” They pulled into the driveway and walked into the house.

“I… I can’t sleep in our bed, Rick.”

“Okay, let’s make up the futon for now. You need some sleep, and so do I.”

Eva nodded and then they showered and curled up on the futon.


Hands grabbed Rick by the throat as he struggled. They pinned him to the bed as Eva cried out. Rick opened his eyes to see Eva being held mid-air, legs spread wide.

“Oh god! Rick! It’s happening again! Help!”

Rick tried to move. Nothing. Nothing until he felt a hand around his cock. “No! Leave us the hell alone!” he cried out as he struggled. The arm around his throat kept him from struggling too much. The hand on his cock began to stroke him until he began to stiffen. To his horror, he watched Eva being fucked by nothing.

Eva was in tears. There were hands on her wrists and fingers playing with her clit as the thick cock fucked her tender pussy. She looked over to see Rick arched back, his body bend and his cock getting harder and harder as something invisible played with it.


Rick gasped when he felt a mouth cover his cock. It was cool and wet, and the teeth lightly scraped the skin. “Nnooo!” He tried to struggle and the arm around his mouth grew tighter. He looked to Eva and saw her flipped over and her ass cheeks spread as she was fucked from behind. Red marks on her hips looked like hands.

Eva looked over towards Rick and could see that the ghosts were having him too. She was trying to fight the growing feeling of orgasm, but it was difficult. She watched Rick orgasm. His cum dripping onto the futon. The cock ramming into her pussy from behind slid in and out and then stiffened in orgasm. Fingers wrapped around and made her orgasm as the cock still pinned her. She gasped and then collapsed to the bed. Before she could take more than a few breaths, she felt fingers shoving deep inside her. First one, then two and then three.

“No! Please, no! It hurts!” she cried out as the hand slowly filled her. “Ohhhh!” she cried out in a mix of pain and orgasm as her clit was worked in time with the hand filling her.


Rick watched in terror. He couldn’t do anything to stop the sexual attack. He tried to struggle and break free. Instead, he was thrown to the bed and his legs pulled apart. Something wet hit his ass and then a finger slid up his ass. He cried out and struggled more. It did no good, and when the finger withdrew, it was replaced with a cock. Rick screamed.


The ghosts laughed as they fucked the couple. When the male’s cock swelled while being butt fucked, one of the ghosts sucked it. When the ghost pulled his hand from the woman’s cunt, he fingered her ass and when it was wet, took her ass as well. When the couple passed out, the ghosts left them on the futon.


Rick woke first. It was nearly 3pm. “Eva, Eva, wake up. Honey, we have to get out of here.”

Eva rolled over, saw Rick and cried as he wrapped his arms around her. “We shouldn’t have come back.”

“I’m so sorry I didn’t really believe the nurse.” He helped Eva off of the bed and the two of them dressed, grabbed clothing and things that they couldn’t do without and drove off as fast as they could. When they got to a hotel, they showered and held each other. The next morning, they made arrangements for movers to pick up their stuff.


A month later, the house mysteriously burned to to ground.

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