Flash Fiction Friday Photographic Faux Pas


“Put your hand on Honey’s hip.”

Steven wrapped his hand around her hip and smiled at Jake.

“Steven, think about sliding those fingers into Honey’s pussy.”


“Hey man, you want all your muscles looking buff.” Jake smiled as Steven’s cock swelled just enough. He took the pics quickly and then stood up.

“We done here?”

“Yeah. I’ll have the pics printed soon.”

“Good. I think we need about thirty prints.”

“Will do.” Jake kissed them both and headed out the door.


“Steven, green or red for the family and the Christian relatives?”


“Okay. I’ll get the Christmas cards done first. Then we can do the Yule and handfasting cards.”

“How about I come do you, and then we can both do the cards.” Steven kissed the back of Honey’s neck. She moaned. They headed for the bedroom. Jake was waiting in bed.

“Surprise!” Jake smiled at his wife and lover.

“No camera?” Honey asked.

“No, just my handy dandy tripod.”

Honey smiled, licked the thick cock and slowly took it into her mouth. Steven moved so that Jake could suck on his cock while he fingered Honey. The three of them loved with well practiced ease. Fingers and bodies lost identity as pleasure filled them. Honey came as Jake filled her pussy and Steven her mouth. The two men kissed and they collapsed in sensual bliss.


“Steven, where are the red cards?”

“They should be on the table.” Steven looked at the green cards in her hands. He scrambling around the room, looking for the other cards. “Shit!”

“What’s the matter guys?”

“Um… Jake did you do anything to the cards?”

“Yeah. I got all the family ones sent out. I used the red first.” He got worried when Honey went pale. “Oops! Wrong picture? Oh shit!”

Honey nodded. “Mom’s gonna choke.”

They stood there panic stricken for a moment and then Steven giggled.

“Well, we wanted to tell the family we’re pagan.”

“Yeah, that’s not as difficult as explaining that we’re poly,” said Honey.

“Still love me?” Jake asked.

Steven and Honey smiled, nodded, and kissed Jake.



Our Flash Fiction Friday prompt for this week had these requirements:

Required Phrase- “Oops, wrong picture”
Word Limit – 250 words
Forbidden words – College, Collagan, Colloquial, Cauliflower
Bonus Points – Share a real “oops” story
if you haven’t already as your main post
Extra Words – Christmas time is coming. You get 100 extra words if you make this about a holiday greeting.

Now that wasn’t too difficult. Especially with a dream catcher on the wall and an OM tattoo on her hip. Oh wait… yeah, those were kinda well duh’s here for this pagan household. 🙂 Hope you liked the way I bent and twisted this one.

Now for that real oops. Yeah, I’m poly. In the space of about six months we went from a couple to a quad. What we hadn’t thought about was the pending parental visit. When it had been both parents, they stayed at a hotel, and there were no issues. We could keep everything “tidy.” Then, just my mom visited. Being the clever clogs, she gave us this look… So, we had to explain, as she had “seen” a different picture than the one we presented to the rest of the world. When we finished, I was waiting for the explosion, and a request to be driven to the nearest airport. Instead, we got a “Oh. Well, as long as it works for you. I’ve had affairs. Just don’t tell your Dad.” Once we got our jaws up off of the floor, we said “Yes Ma’am.” and all was okay.

And… Make sure you check out Advizor’s blog. See what the other people have written and check out his tumbler blogs. Yummy stuff there!

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