Sweet Delights

Lynne woke up warm and snuggled next to Quin. She smiled as her hand traced down his stomach to find his cock hard and hot. “Good morning.”

Quin yawned and then gasped as she wrapped her hand around him. “Ggood morning.”

“Feel up to playtime?”

“I think so.” He smile and rolled towards her. His hand grabbed her ass and pulled the two of them close together. Their lips met in a kiss that gathered momentum, urging their hands and bodies into lusty desire.

Lynne kissed her way under the covers and began to suck and lick Quin’s cock. He moaned and pulled her close to him, so that he could finger and touch her pussy. It was a sweet battle, where each tried to make the other break off. As usual, Quin won. He rolled Lynne onto her stomach, pulling her hips up and drove in between her hot wet lips. Grabbing her hips, he thrust slow, then fast, knowing that it was driving her crazy.

Lynne cried out as he teased her with deep then shallow strokes. Her muscles clenched as she orgasmed. She felt Quin explode, and the two of them collapsed to a sweaty heap on the bed.


A few minutes later, Quin reached between Lynne’s thighs. “Damn, you’re soaked.”

“It’s partially your fault,” she teased.

He laughed and then began to stroke her to orgasm. As she cried out her release into the pillow, the phone rang.

“Damn.” Quin dug for his cell phone and answered. “Hello? Oh hi Ian. Yes. We’re home. Um, I think so. Can you give us thirty minutes? Oh. Okay. Ten? Thanks. See you in a few minutes.”

“Ian? What did he need?”

“To borrow some tools. You’d better get up and get dressed.”

“My lips won’t pull me out of bed.”

Quin laughed, swatted her on the ass and headed for the bathroom. Lynne followed a few minutes later, and got dressed just as Ian rang the doorbell.


Twenty minutes later, they both waved goodbye as Ian left, carrying the sockets and wrenches he needed.

“Want to go back to bed?”

“No, we have work to do. I’ve got to work on the house, and you… You are suppose to be writing on that NaNoWriMo thing.”

“Yeah.” Lynne kissed him and headed out to her computer. She had a story to write.


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