…And the Big Bad Wolf part 2

Sorry this has taken so long. Weird week, NaNoWriMo and I cut my finger with an ax. it’s made typing interesting to say the least.

Luc walked into the school the next morning to work on the computer lab where he’d been yesterday before the deputy had interrupted him. Everything was quiet and he checked the door for damage and to make sure it was still locked before he began working. He worked uninterrupted for nearly thirty minutes before Charles walked in.

“Um, Luc, about yesterday. You really did attack a deputy? And he didn’t arrest you?”

“ Yes Charles. I protected my school. The person who works as a deputy was going against regulations. I asked him if we needed to go down to the sheriff’s office and file an assault report. He said no. That’s when I realized that he really was acting without orders.”

Charles looked at Luc. “Do… do you realize that you don’t look strong enough to hold anyone up by the throat?”

“I’m much stronger than I look. Now, do you have anything you want to know, or can we get on with the computer lab?”

“I… no, I guess not.” Charles turned and went back to pulling computers out of the storage room.

By lunch, the story had gotten around the school. The whisper-net was working well. Luc found himself being watched. He smiled and tried to ignore them while he worked. The principal, Mr. Swanson walked past and just smiled. Miss Perry waved as she headed into her classroom.

“Hey Luc,” Charles called as he entered the lab.


“You know our favorite obstinate teacher?”


“Yeah. He’s decided that we should come in and fix his printers.”

Luc laughed. Mr. Hunter had been a pain in the ass. He’d chased the last IT guy out and refused to let any of the IT staff in to work on any of his computers. He and Charles had put the teacher on the bottom of the priority list after the guy had slammed the door in their faces.

“Oh? What changed his mind?”

“Apparently you did.”

“Ah, because I’ll huff and puff and blow all the bad guys away?”

Charles laughed and nodded. Luc joined in, and then went back to work. He smiled to himself at the joke he’d made. “Big bad Wolf indeed.”

David Hearns walked into the school. He was still laughing over the situation. Stupid deputy. He stopped at the office. “Hi, I’m Officer Hearns, and I’m looking for Luc Moreau.”

The secretary looked up. “He’s down in the computer lab on the first floor. Shall I call him for you?”

“Nah, I’ll find him. Thanks.” David walked down the hall the woman had pointed and found the lab where Luc and another man were working.

“Luc? Can I talk to you for a minute?”

Luc looked up. “Sure David.” Luc walked over to where David stood. “What can I do for you?”

“Tell me what happened the other day.”

“Are you here as a cousin or a cop?”


Luc gestured for David to follow him over to a corner of the lab. He explained what happened. When he finished, David was laughing so hard that tears were running down his face.

“Damn, Cuz. You should see his neck. Oh wait. Almost forgot. He’ll be down here to apologize this afternoon.”

“What? Why?” Luc was puzzled.

“He fucked up bad. Way bad. So bad that the Sheriff won’t even talk to him until he does.” David was holding his side to ease the pain from all the laughter.

Luc smiled. “I guess I’ll let him apologize.”

“Got to let you know too that he thinks you’re some kinda weird thing. ‘No normal guy could do that to me…’ kinda bullshit, so watch it.”

“Thanks for the heads up. I appreciate it.”

“So do I. Plus, I’ll let the cops know to make sure that they let the school know when an exercise it going on.”

“Good thing David. Too many combat vets in this school.”


“Yeah. Been talking to the custodians. Most of the older ones are Vietnam era vets. Rangers, and a couple of others that I wouldn’t want to startle. Plus me.”

David smiled. “Yeah… can’t have fur flying now can we.”

Luc about choked. “No… We can just hope that the bad guys run into me and not Sara or her two henchmen.”

“Oh Damn! I forgot that they attend this school. Plus your twins are going to be here too? Does this school have a clue?”

“No, and I hope they never do.”

Charles walked over to the two men. “Luc, you have another visitor.” Charles pointed over to where a man in a sheriff’s uniform waited. Luc nodded. “See you later David.”

David waved and walked back down the hall.

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    1. Thanks. It was a really stupid accident. It literally bounced off of the chunk of firewood and landed on my finger nail. And Wolf will probably let me live it down in a month or so.

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