Blog Update

I’m trying a new look. Let me know what you think.

Wordwytch, the 9.5 finger typist.

13 thoughts on “Blog Update

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    1. Thanks.

      Um…. I don’t think so on the software. Especially as Wolf often kibitzes behind me when I’m writing.

      “Word, no. Oh don’t put that in there!” says Wolf talking about anything other than sex, but it gets added in anyway due to voice recognition software…

      1. I love love love Dragon Naturally Speaking Voice recognition software. it keeps my hands free for other things, but, I am alone when i write so I don’t have competing voices except the ones in my head. The new blog-look is fine, but I’m not here for the layout as long as I can read the words. 🙂

        1. So, we now have it in print, that you talk to yourself. 🙂 teeheehee…

          I changed it up because the theme I had used cut out some of the links on the Serial stories.

        1. Yeah, it might. Then again, I think I heat up the house with his blushes sometimes when I quote him and he doesn’t realize that something he said was just “perfect” for a story.

  1. It’s very minimalist, which I like. The only issue I have is the menu bar pokes into the header photo a bit and the menu words are cramped. The Serial Stories tab eats the T in About on my computer’s browser though it’s fine on the tablet. Both use Chrome so I’m not sure where the issue is on the PC.

      1. agree with what elaine said about the header.
        the only thing about the overall site usage i’d add is with the serial stories you could add a link in the bottom to the next chapter. that is very handy for those that are new to your stories and makes for easier reading instead of having to go back to the full list after finishing a chapter. i know it’s a bit of work doing all the previous posts but i think in the end it is worth it.

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