54 Giggles

Quin smiled as he looked over at Lynne. She was still sound asleep after a rough week. He snuggled close and she snuggled back against him. When he was certain that she was still asleep, he slowly moved his hand down to her ass and began to work his fingers between her thighs. It didn’t take long for him to maneuver his fingers up into her pussy and then to stroke her clit. She moaned in her sleep as he played with her.


Lynne felt wonderful. Hands holding her, touching, stroking, and playing with her clit. Tongues on her nipples. Orgasm was so close… “Oh! Oh don’t stop!”


Quin watched as Lynne woke up with the first orgasm. He smiled. “Good morning.”

“Oh… Good mmmorning,” she gasped as he gave her another orgasm.

“Like that?”


“Good. 52 more to go.” He smiled. Paybacks for the 50 blowjobs,” he thought.


When Lynne passed out at the 36th orgasm, he gave her a break. They made love, with him sidesaddle to her. She came twice before he exploded. Once he caught his breath, he continued.


“I… I …”

“40. Only 14 more to go.” He laughed.

Lynne began to giggle. Her laughter punctuated by orgasms.

“49…” Quin began to giggle too.

Lynne laughed harder with each orgasm.

“52, 53, 54!”

Lynne smiled weakly at Quin as she giggled and twitched.


They spent the rest of the day in bed watching movies and eating cake.

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