Seaside Noir part 2

Yes, she’s backkkk!


David kept looking at the slide under the microscope. “You know, this just doesn’t look right.”

“You keep saying that,” said Betsy, his assistant.

“Well, it doesn’t. What I can’t figure out is what this stuff is. Each body is saturated with it.”

“Let me look.” Betsy walked over and took a look at the slide. “You know, it looks like that vet tranq, Ketamine.”

David came over and looked. “You know, you’re right. Damn. Test all the samples for Ketamine and derivatives.”

“Yes boss,” Betsy said with a smile. She started working on the samples. Three hours later, she handed David a report. He took it and then called George.


“So, these bastards died happy?” George asked. He sat across from David with the report in his hand.

“Oooh yeah. The ketamine style stuff was laced with an aphrodisiac. They literally came to death.”

George laughed. “Some people like that idea. Other than this, was there anything else that might give us a clue?”

“Well, other than that the sea life got to a few of them, no. They didn’t drown. You’re looking for a woman who fucks her lovers to death and then dumps the bodies at sea.”

“Yeah, right where the octopuses swarm too. I thought the first guy had a case of terminal hickies.”

“Funny George. I’d be looking at the docks for some rich yacht sailing bitch that throws big parties. All of the relatives said that the men had gone to a party or on a date the night they disappeared.”

“David, you doin’ my job?”

“No, just talked to the people coming in to identify the bodies. I did check the internet though. A similar thing happened up near San Diego two years ago. A Steven Anderson died and his body was found with similar markings. His girl friend at the moment was Aleria Mollska. Her father runs a huge aquarium known for it’s octopus collection.”

George looked at him. “So, you think that this Miss Mollska is some sort of killer? Or is it Daddy sending undesireables off to swim with the fishes?”

“I don’t know. I just find it kind of strange. Oh, and her mother drown too.”

“Weird. I’ll look into it.” George stood, shook David’s hand and left with the report.


Aleria smiled at the young man. He was handsome with a tight ass and lovely muscles showing under his clothes. She slowed her swaying as they danced close. When he leaned his head down, she kissed him. He returned the kiss and she could feel his body respond as his cock began to press against her hips.

“Ally, do… do you want to go to my house?” His voice was growing hoarse with need already.

She smiled. “Oh Dirk, but I barely know you. How can I be certain you’re honestly interested in me, and not just my body?”

“Ally, I really like you and I have this desire to… to take you home. Make love to you. Hell, the way I feel after just one kiss, I feel like taking you in the parking lot.”

Aleria giggled. “Oh silly. I gave up making love in cars a long time ago. Lets go to your apartment.” She kissed him again, tongues intertwining.

He broke from the kiss and took Aleria by the hand. They left the dance floor and the club in record time. His apartment was two miles down the beach.


David called George. “Hey, I just realized that this killer is sort of on a schedule.”


“Yeah. Just about every six weeks. If our babe holds to schedule, we may have another corpse in two or three days.”

“Damn! Thanks David. But… But what if we are just missing some of the kills? What if they are once a month?”

“Hmm…” David looked at his computer simulation. “If they are once a month, well, we are due for one tonight. Damn.”

“Thanks David. I’ll let you know what happens.” George hung up the phone. He headed out for his car and the docks.


“Ally, oh damn honey, I can’t go again. Let me catch my breath.” Dirk collapsed onto the bed. They’d made love at least six times in the last two hours. He couldn’t believe his cock was still standing. Did she slip me some kind of viagra?” he wondered. His cock throbbed and his balls ached like he hadn’t had sex in a month rather than ten minutes ago.

“Oh Dirk, just look at that proud pound of flesh. Let me kiss it.” She wrapped her lips around his cock and began to move up and down on it. Dirk moaned. He was tender, but it felt sooo good. He could feel his balls start to tighten up and his spine arch. He tried to put his hand on the back of her head and fuck her face. That’s when a damp tentacle wrapped around his wrist and pulled his hand back. He screamed.

Aleria pulled her head off of his cock. “Oh Dirk, You’ll enjoy this, but I get all of your seed. Not in my mouth, but in my pussy.” Another tentacle wrapped around his other wrist and pinned him to the bed. He screamed again. This time Aleria stopped his mouth with a third tentacle. “Now, now. Mustn’t awaken the neighbors.

Dirk struggled. The tentacle seemed to be dripping something into his mouth. He had no choice but to swallow. It was sticky, sweet and thick. He still struggled as she mounted his cock and began to rock back and forth. He shook his head no.

Aleria smiled. “You’ll like this. In fact, you’ll like it so much that you may pass out. Don’t worry.”

Dirk then felt something tickle his balls and work down towards his ass. He struggled more violently. It did no good. The tentacle nudged his sphincter and soon slid up into his ass. He screamed as it stroked his prostate. Then he came harder than he ever had in his life. His balls seemed to pour every last drop into Aleria. His body arched up off of the bed as he came for almost three minutes.

“Oh yes,” Aleria purred. She loved the feeling of being filled and when she orgasmed, she squeezed her legs tight. She uncovered Dirk’s mouth and kissed him as their bodies shuddered. As they collapsed to the bed, she seemed to purr. The tentacles retracted and she left Dirk on the bed while she cleaned up any trace of her presence.


After she’d checked everything, she walked over to where Dirk lay on the bed. “Let’s go for a swim.”

“Oohh okay,” he said a little light headed. His balls and cock ached. As he stood up, he realized he had another erection. “You wanna go again?” he asked, the desire rotting his brain.

“Yes sweetie. Once we’re in the ocean. I love sex in the water.” She took him by the hand and they headed for the beach.

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