…And the Big Bad Wolf part 3

Luc watched as the deputy sheriff walked over. He could smell the man’s fear, with an undertone of anger. He could also see the bruises that covered his neck like a cheap purple turtleneck.

“Mr. Moreau?”


“I need to apologize for my actions the other day.”

“I’m not the one you need to apologize to.”

“Yes, yes you are. You see, my boss, he won’t talk to me until I do. You’re first on the list and then Mr. Swanson. After that, I get to go back to work.”

Luc nodded. “Alright.”

“I apologize for running an illegal test.”

“Okay. I accept. In future remember that there are people out there who are better than you. They may not look it, but they are. For example, tasers don’t work on me either.”

“Oh? You some kinda superman?” The deputy’s voice was cocky.

“No. I work with electricity. I’ve been zapped so many times that my skin resistance is really high. Now, you’ll piss me off, but I won’t go down.”

The deputy got a weird look on his face. “Um… did you get mugged a few years ago? At a gas station?”

“Yes. Is your boss still showing the tape from the security camera?”

The deputy nodded. “You’re… you’re that guy?”

Luc nodded. “I’m also one of the ones who was part of a legal case about five years ago. Some idiot thought that I was a werewolf.”

The deputy went pale and then excused himself.


Charles smiled as he walked up to Luc. “You scared him. I swear I smelled piss.”

Luc laughed. “Yeah, but I’m not half as scary as Sara.”

Charles looked at Luc oddly for a minute. Then it dawned on him who Luc was talking about. He laughed. “Yeah, those three are, um… legendary at nine years old. Hope your twins are calmer than their cousins.”

“Maybe.” Luc walked back to the computer lab.



Meg relaxed against Luc as they caught their breath. The twins had gone to bed early as school started in the morning. His hand stole around her hip and down towards her clit. He began to stroke her gently until she arched up off of the bed and exploded in orgasm.

“Ohhh, yeah.”

Luc smiled and kissed her. “I love the way you wiggle your hips and moan, Mrs. Moreau.”

“You do eh? Then come here and see how much more you can make me moan.” She touched his cock which was stiffening once more.

“You are insatiable.”

Meg smiled. “Me? Oh no. That’s Ginny. She nearly made Patrick pass out. Me, I’ll just wear you to a nub.” She straddled Luc and began to rock back and forth as his cock buried itself deep inside.

“Yhhuo thake mhy ccontrohhl,” he groaned as his jaw shifted ever so slightly.

Meg smiled. His claws poked her skin as they rocked to another climax and then exploded. They spooned up and fell asleep waiting for the knot to relax.


Wolf sighed as he took in the scent of Soft One. She smelled so good. He slept for a bit and then heard one of the pups cry out in their sleep. He moved off of the bed and padded out into the hall to check. She-pup had lost her covers and was half out of bed. Wolf nudged her back onto the bed and pulled the covers up with his teeth. Then Wolf padded out to the front of the house. He headed outside and checked the property. He marked the corners of the property and headed back inside, secure in knowing that the pack was safe.


A week later, Luc was installing a number of computers and keyboards in the music room when an alarm went off in the high school. “What the hell?” he said softly.

“It’s probalby just a lock down test run,” said the music teacher. “We need to lock the doors and hide.” She moved to lock one door and started to usher the students into one of the smaller offices used as a testing room. She’d almost finished as Luc ran over to the far door.

Just as Luc reached the door, it began to swing open. He grabbed a music stand pole and whirled it around like a sword.

“Intrud-” was as far as the police officer got before he was looking at the poll of a music stand an inch from the end of his nose. Luc had pulled his swing just in time. After a moment, the two men unfroze. Luc put down the pole and the cop tried to catch his breath.

“Um… Mr. Moreau, shall we just say that the door was locked?” The cop was totally flustered.

“Yes. We can talk after the event.”

The cop nodded, went back out the door and Luc locked it. Then he turned to see twenty band students staring at him through the glass of the small classroom. He smiled weakly and sat down by the door.


David and the cop from the music room found Luc after work in the tech office where Charles and Luc were going over the next day’s schedule.

“So, you nearly killed my officer with a music stand?”

Luc nodded. “David, you know I asked you to let the vets know about things like this. I’m just glad I was able to stop my reaction in time.” Luc tried to look sheepish, but it wasn’t working.

“Oh Lieutenant, he couldn’t have really hurt me. It was just an aluminum pole.” The cop was feeling chagrined at being caught and trying to act tough.

“No, he would have killed you. Luc and some of the family have been doing Kendo katana work for years.”

“David’s right. Plus, some of us play in the SCA. That’s the Society for Creative Anachronisms… In other words, they play at being knights in shining armor,” Luc added.

The cop went pale. “Oh.”

“Come on outside to where the tackle dummies are,” said Luc. He picked up a piece of steel conduit used to run wire in buildings and they headed outside. When they got to the practice dummies, Luc took a stance. He held his left hand up under his chin in a fist and his right held the pipe down his back, with elbow up. David and the cop stood off to one side.

“These are some of the strikes we learn.” Luc went through the movements slowly. The tackle dummy bounced a bit, but that was about it.

“I… I could have coped with that,” said the cop.

“Now at speed.” Luc whipped though a combination of strikes in less than thirty seconds. He sent the tackle dummy bouncing across the grass minus it’s ‘head.’

The cop stood there with his mouth open. David smiled while Luc found the ‘head’ and replaced it. Then they walked back to the building. The cop headed for his car while David and Luc stood and talked for a moment.

“You know, you have to play more gently with the humans.”

“David, I never go full tilt unless it is with family. Your little exercise caught me off guard though. Would you please at least text me and let me know? You do have a phone that texts don’t you?”

“Yeah, okay. I just didn’t know you’d be in the high school today, so I didn’t bother.”

“I’m in all the schools. The high school and elementary school are 100 yards apart. My office is in the high school. Give me a break. Okay?”

“Yeah. Can’t have the Big Bad Wolf eating the cops,” David teased and headed out to the parking lot.

Luc took the conduit back to the office just in time to head over and pick up Linsey and Elliot. He almost made it to the class room door before it opened and twenty five year olds poured out.

“Daddie!!!!” his twins cried at seeing him.

Luc picked up the twins and swung them around. “Let’s go home. Aunty Ginny and Uncle Patrick are coming for dinner.”

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