“You know, I thought that this was going to be a lot more difficult.”

“Quin, you crack me up. For the record, I think I’ve done more than you have this time.”

He turned around and looked at Lynne. “Yeah, you have. However, it is going to be so worth it in the end.”

She smiled and kept on digging. They were laying a new water line and almost had it finished. This last month had been a plethora of projects. New siding, framing in a wall, insulation and of course, the waterline. “Let’s get this done so we can call the city, and get the cut off valve replaced.”

Quin nodded and they got back to work. An hour later, the water work was done. The hole had been filled and the space between the house and foundation covered in ‘urbanite’.

“You know, that still cracks me up.”

“What?” she asked.


“Me too. Granted, with as many people reusing old concrete, someone was bound to come up with a new name.”

Quin smiled as he tossed the last chunk of ‘urbanite’, formerly known as concrete onto the pile. “Let’s get cleaned up and watch a movie.”

“Sounds good to me. Playtime tonight?”

Quin stretched. “Umm… maybe in the morning?”

Lynne sighed. “Alright. I am a little tired.”



Lynne yawned, rolled over and poked at Quin. “How ya feeling this morning?”

“I want the name of the trucking company who ran their entire fleet over me.”

“You too eh?”

“Yes. Getting old stinks. Hurts too. I… I could have done twice the digging a few years ago and not been this sore.”

Lynne laughed. “I understand. You did do twice the amount of digging a few years ago when we replaced the lower line.”

Quin groaned. “I remember that. I felt just as bad, I just didn’t want to admit it.”

Lynne nodded. “So, no nookie this morning?”

“No, maybe tonight.” Quin groaned as he got out of bed.

“Alright.” Lynne was disappointed. It had been over a week since the last time and she swore the universe was rigged. They got up, made breakfast and took painkillers with their tea.


“Quin, the wind just won’t settle down. Do you want to go shopping rather than trying to put more siding up?”

He looked out the window, and then at the wind gauge. “Yeah. Give me ten minutes to wrap up what I’m doing.”


“Arnica at Vitamin cottage, and two kinds of aspercreme,” Lynne teased Quin.

“Yeah, just shush and slather it on please?” he asked as he pulled off his teeshirt with a groan. She smeared aspercreme on his back and shoulders and then it was her turn. They snuggled up to the fire, drank their tea and then crawled in bed.



Lynne woke up early. Quin groaned in his sleep. She headed off to the bathroom and then crawled back in bed. “No playtime this morning,” she thought. They’d lived together long enough that she knew when he was hurting, as he did with her. She curled up behind him and went back to sleep.

Quin got up a bit later. Lynne was sound asleep. He thought about waking her up in the best way he knew, but realized there was no way. He went to the bathroom and crawled back in bed.


Lynne opened her eyes and looked at the clock. It was 10:30am. She rolled over and realized that Quin was awake. “Hi.”

“Morning.” He pulled her close and kissed her. Their arms wrapped around one another. His cock stiffened and she moaned as his fingers played across her stomach and down to her clit.

“Oh, umm…” her breath came faster and faster until the first little orgasm played over her brain. Quin lay back and she moved so that her mouth was covering his cock as his fingers began to play with her pussy. As usual, they ‘dueled’ to see who would give in first. Lynne lost the battle, and pulled up off of his cock in a cry of orgasm. Quin laughed and pulled her to him. She straddled his hips, nestling his cock deep inside.

It was Quin’s turn to gasp as she rocked back and forth. He fought for control and then reached up his hands to cup her breasts and pinch her nipples. Lynne wriggled and then began to bounce instead of rock back and forth. Quin grabbed her hips and thrust upwards.

Lynne slowed. “Your turn?”

Quin nodded. Lynne moved off of him and he got up on his knees behind her. He slid his cock inside and began to build a rhythm. Lynne braced her head on her arms and tried to breathe as the sensations of being filled until his cock tickled her cervix overwhelmed her.

Quin moved faster, bracing his arms on her hips. “Aaah, Arrrhhhh…” Sound ripped in a groan from his lips as his orgasm cracked his back like a whip. Lynne shuddered and when Quin reached around and his fingers found her clit, she felt her entire body clamp down in orgasm. They collapsed to the bed.

“I was afraid you hurt too much.”

“Me too. Was afraid you hurt too much as well. I’m still so stiff from Friday.”

Lynne giggled. “Too stiff…”

That made them both laugh. Curling up around Lynne, they fell asleep.


An hour later, Quin teased Lynne with his fingers. Her first orgasm caught her by surprise and she yelped. Quin laughed and kept the orgasms rolling. He felt his cock stiffen and after one last orgasm, he pulled her to him. She moved and soon had his cock in her mouth. Quin smiled as he played with her pussy. She orgasmed numerous times, but didn’t let go of his cock. Finally, it was his turn to pull her away so that he could slide his cock into her pussy.

Lynne smiled and rocked back and forth, teasing Quin. He pinched her nipples and then grabbed her hips as his orgasm began to build. Lynne started to bounce as Quin thrust upwards. It didn’t take long, until he stiffened and lifted off the bed in orgasm.

“Aaarrrrrh!” he cried and then collapsed to the bed. Lynne’s orgasm was just peaking and her body clenched his cock, making him shiver and spasm. She collapsed to one side a few minutes later.

When Quin recovered enough to have control of his fingers, he began to play with Lynne’s clit. The combinaton of fingering make her orgasm hard. Her body gushed juices as she came.

“Oh damn! I’m…Ahhh!”

Quin laughed. “You my dear are a puddle.” To demonstrate, he brought his fingers up and let the juices drip off of them onto her stomach. Then he went back to playing with her.

“Ffffinger painting wiiith cccum…”

“Yes my dear, and you are sopping wet.” He brought her one more time, which soaked the bedding even more and then stood up. It was his turn to moan.


“Sore muscles and limp muscles are a bad combo,” he giggled as he headed for the shower.

Lynne just laid there and laughed. She might be sitting in a puddle of cum, but there was no way for her to move at that point. Too relaxed, too over cum and too stiff. “I feel like a chunk of Urbanite!”

Quin laughed from the bathroom. “Beat up and well used?”

“Yes!” They both laughed.

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