Seaside Noir part 4

George almost walked past the last booth, thinking it was empty, when a groan came from the darkness. He turned and saw a hand grab the edge of the seat.

“Help,” came a voice.

David and George helped the man up. His face was red where capillaries has burst around his mouth and down his throat. His eyes were bloodshot. He was also sporting a huge erection. David looked at George. George turned and ran for the sound booth.

“Police! Stop the music! Close the doors and call 911!”

The guy looked at him and then began to do exactly what George asked when he saw the badge. There were cries of frustration and screams when David stepped into the light with the man. The doorman kept the exits closed. George took the mike and asked for everyone to be calm and find a seat.

“Bag the guy and treat him like a rape victim.”

“George, he might as well be one,” said David.

George nodded and the paramedic did as well. He pulled out the bags they used to secure hands for evidence. Then they got the man ready for transport.

“Oh, and no bathing, no drugs and keep him conscious. I need to talk to him pronto!” George hollered.

The paramedic’s waved and moved the man out to the ambulance. George and David turned to where the police were processing the booth. Other officers were questioning people and letting them go as they finished.

“You know this is a real business killer,” said the manager who’d walked up to the two men.

“So is some psycho bitch that kills customers. She nearly got this guy right here, and your cook. How many of your other customers have died?”

“You mean the gal is that succubus you guys can’t catch?” the manager asked.

“Could be. Did you get those security tapes??

“Yeah. Here ya go. Cameras 2 and 8 weren’t workin’ tonight.”

George cocked an eybrow. “And which two are those?”

“Door and this area. Been out for a few days. Been waitin’ for the damned security agency.”

George let out a sigh and hoped that the rest of the cameras had caught something. Then he motioned for David to follow him. They had a witness to question.

“Yeah, one minute, we were kissin’ and arranging to head to my house and then boom! I feel like I got hit with a baseball bat and see you comin’ to my rescue,” said the victim sitting in a hospital gown. He’d been stripped, and had swabs done on his face, hands, mouth, and then blood taken.

“What were you talking about just before you lost consciousness?” George asked.

“Well, I mentioned that I was out on the town, takin’ my new vasectomy for a ride. Just got the all clear on my sperm count today.” He tried to smile, but his face was swelling and turning purple.

David looked at George. “Guy, that vasectomy may have just saved your life.”


“This gal, your date, has been fucking guys to death. Not a drop of sperm left in their bodies.”

The guy looked at the two men like they’d just pulled rubber chickens out of their asses. “Are you kiddin’? That little whisp of a woman? Some sort of succubus or vampire that eats cum?”

“Yeah. There are at least three men dead. All the same. Died smiling and not a drop of sperm left in their bodies,” said David.

“Whoa. Damn.” The guy shook his head. “She got some kinda poison lipstick?”

“Why do you ask that?” asked George.

“Well, the first time she kissed me, my lips tingled and I got a boner. Next time, she used her tongue, and it was like I was drinkin’ sweet cherry schnapps. Felt all light headed and my cock was so hard, I thought I’d split my skin.”

David looked at George. “We got plenty of blood to test, don’t worry.”

“Yeah, that nurse was like a fuckin’ vampire. Swabbed everything, including my cock. Didn’t even kiss me.”

“Be glad. She likes women,” George said. “We’ll be back. If you think of anything, let us know.”

“I will.”

The two men headed for the lab. When they got there, David ordered the tests be moved ahead in the queue. When the first blood work came up, he took a look at the slide. “George, you gotta see this.” He moved back to make room for George.

George looked at the slide. It looked familiar. “Is this the same shit we saw on the corpse the other day?”

“Yeah. She must have a way to dump the stuff right into their mouths. Maybe a gel capsule or something.”

“Or, maybe she’s not human,” said the med tech who’d been working on the various samples.

“What in the hell?” Both men spoke at the same time.

“Haven’t you guys ever heard of Hentai or Tentacle porn?” she asked.

“Um, No.”

“Tentacle porn?” asked David. Both men looked totally puzzled.

“Yeah. It’s this anime stuff out of Japan. Cartoon porn where tentacled monsters fuck women senseless. They can’t help it. The monsters drip stuff off of their tentacles and it makes women want to fuck like mad bunnies. Oh, lots of them look like octopuses.”

David looked at the med tech. “You read this stuff?”

“Sometimes. Lots of bloggers write about it. Hot stuff. Lots of videos on the Internet too. Look it up. From what you’ve been saying, you’ve got a rare one. A female tentacle monster.”

George shot David a quizzical look. David just shrugged his shoulders.

“Any defense against these tentacle monsters?” George asked the med tech.

“Yeah. Stay away from them.” She turned and went back to work.

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