Flash Fiction Friday Flipped Off


Katya sat on the warm asphalt by the side of the road. She was furious. Scorned. Burned.

Her contact, Vlad, had been an interesting conquest. Swimming off the coast had been exhilarating. Sex was even better. Kinky, torrid sex. They’d fucked for hours, and in all kinds of positions. He’d shot cum across the room as she spanked him with the swim fins. She’d milked his mind for information like she’d milked his cock. Or so she thought. The last thing she’d remembered was the olive he’d popped in her mouth between fucks.

She woke up in the middle of nowhere, hot, sweaty, and naked except for her swim fins. Her head spun and her cunt ached. The rental van from Kiev stank of old rubber, sex, and stale coffee. He’d double crossed her, the bastard. All she could think of was revenge. The engine was still warm, so he couldn’t be far away. Crawling out of the van, she leaned against it.

She began searching for Vlad. The Prism binoculars worked well. There was a trail of footprints across the field. They had to be Vlad’s. She had to catch him.

Things like this never happened to James Bond. Damn him! When she found Vlad, she’d kill him. Slowly.


Our Flash Fiction Challenge for this week has us in desired deep water…

Key Words: (searching or seeking) and asphalt

Word Limit: 210

Forbidden words: flippers

Extra Credit: What kind of trees are in the background?

Bonus Words:Donate to the Red Cross fund for the Philippines hurricane relief, or to their general fund  1 word per dollar.

Thank you Advizor for hosting Flash Fiction Friday, my favourite exercise! Well, besides sex. 🙂 Thank you to Simply Sexy for a great pic too. This was a very interesting picture. Tracing it on the Internet takes you to a Ukrainian site. As some of you may know, I usually Zoom in on the pic and gather details… like the fact that the swim fins are European in design, and so is the van. 🙂 Ah, living in Europe lends new insights to curiosity.

I hope you enjoy my strange tale…

13 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday Flipped Off

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  1. I love the resarch. that along should earn you extra credit. James Bond is one of my favorites, but you are right, i’ve never seen him abandoned and wearing only swim fins. A wonderful twist on the story!!! Thank you ever so much.

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