Seaside Noir part 5

George felt like he was going blind. Too much coffee, too little sleep and lots of grainy video tapes. He rubbed his eyes and put in the last tape. He paused at frame 139. “Hey! Sally! Do you know how to print a pic off of a video tape?”

Sally left her desk and walked into George’s office. “Yes. Let me see.” She looked at the image on the screen, toggled a few buttons and a printer kicked on out in the main office. “Anymore?”

“I don’t know. Give me a minute.” He worked through the rest of the tape and found five more images for Sally to print off. He stood, stretched and walked out to pick them up.

“This your killer?” she asked.

“I don’t know. I’m going to go see this Mz. Mollska again. I hope she’s home at 6am. If she isn’t, I’m taking a nap.”

“Good luck.” Sally turned back to her desk. Her shift ended in fifteen minutes.


George drove out to the Mollska residence. He knocked on the door and it was answered by a maid this time. “I’m Detective George Morris. I’d like to see Aleria Mollska please.”

“I’ll need to go wake her up,” said the maid. “Please wait here.” She gestured to a chair near the door. George sat, and hoped he wouldn’t fall asleep.


Ten minutes later, a woman wearing a teeshirt and leggings walked into the hall. “Hello Detective. I hear that you came by the house last night. What brings you here so early in the morning?”

George cleared his throat to give him time to speak. The fact that this woman was about three months pregnant took her out of the running as the murder suspect. Plus, her hair was darker and shorter than that of the woman in the videos. “I wanted to speak to you about a series of deaths. We’ve had a number of young men’s bodies wash up on the beach and your name came up in the various discussions.”

“I… I don’t understand.”

“We have it on file that your fiancé died in a similar manner.”

“Detective Morris, I have nothing to say to you. My Steven died a long time ago. All I have of him is our son. I’d appreciate it if you would please leave.”

“Sorry ma’am.” George turned and left the house. He muttered under his breath as he got into his car.


“Aleria, who was at the door?”

“A detective, Daddie.” She walked into the kitchen and grabbed a plate of toast and eggs. She sat down to eat.

“Dear, I told you to be careful.”

“Yes, Daddie. I was. Plus, with a little camouflage, my hair is different and the babies ‘caught’ at just the right time. Even if they did catch me on camera, I was blond and not pregnant.” She ate as if it was nothing to have the police in the house.

“You really must be careful. I’d suggest again, that you take a trip farther south and have your babies there. Plus, it’s time you changed where you hunted. Your brothers are always considerate and never take more than a few women from any one area. Neither do I.”

She nodded. “Well, that latest one of yours is certainly feisty.”

“Yes, after the initial shock of the matter, she likes it. I rather like it too. Now to just see if she breeds well.”

“You know Daddie, it always surprises me that we haven’t taken over the Earth yet.”

“Well dear, so many of our young don’t survive their first year. Others get caught in nets or…” He shuddered. “…eaten. Plus, didn’t you see on the news the other day? ‘Jellyfish’ are taking over the oceans.”

Aleria smiled. “Yeah Daddie… jellyfish.” Both of them laughed.

“Shall I make sure that the house in Florida is ready for occupancy?”

She sighed. “Yes, go ahead. Make arrangements for Steven as well. Out of all of my children, he is the only one who looks like his father.”

“It happens dear. Just look at you and your brothers. Only three of you can walk on land without issues. The rest are destined to stay in the oceans of the world or become dinner for some creature,” groused Dr. Mollska.

“I guess. Maybe one of these will give Steven a brother or sister to play with.” She patted her stomach which growled. “Guess I’d better eat a bit more. These babies are hungry.”

Dr. Mollska smiled. He walked down to his office to call his agent in Florida. This time, she’d listen and move.


George slept for eight hours. He woke in time to get to the morgue just in time for David to get off work. “Any new floaters?”

“Nope. Two gun shot victims, one hit and run and two heart failures.” David dumped his lab coat in the laundry bin and threw the booties and cap in the trash. “Any luck with Mz. Mollska?”

“No. I swear it was her in the video. Yet when I got to her house at the crack of dawn, her hair was shorter, darker and she was at least three months pregnant. No way she could be our killer.” George sat down on a desk.


“Disappointing to say the least.”

“Oh, you have no idea.” Daniel reached for a folder on his desk and handed it to George.

“What’s this?”

“Steven Anderson’s file. I went back through it. The body was pretty fucked up when we got it, but there were blood samples and a few other things.”

“I take it that you went through the slides?” George asked as he leafed through the file.

“Yeah. Same damn weird blood samples. They chocked it up to steroids at that point, but it’s our funny ketamine copy cat.”

George put the file down on the desk and rubbed his eyes. “Any bets our murder victims stop floating to the top?”

“No, but I’d keep an eye out for anything odd.”


“Yeah. After Deana in the lab talked about that Henti stuff, I did a bit of a search on the Internet.”

George laughed a bit. “Find anything good?”

David shook his head. “Damn weird stuff. Lots of porn. Odd things too, like some of them being able to look human. Other stories talk about the women getting knocked up in just a few days. Or, they swell fast because they are carrying 100 or more eggs. One thing that they all have in common is that the creatures seem to be able to drug them. Date rape drugs have nothing on these things.”

“Would that explain the erections?”

David nodded. “Might explain why Mz. Mollska was dancing last night as a size 6 and is three months preggers now. Might want to keep an eye on her and see just when she pops.”

It was George’s turn to nod.

“Oh, and no hospital records of Steven Mollska’s birth or Aleria’s. I checked.”

“Alright David. I’ll keep you posted.” George stood and walked out of the room.

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