Flash Fiction Friday Thanksgiving


“Advizor, quit licking the butter knife! Yes, it’s sexy, but I want to use it!” Roze sighed. Advizor handed it over. It had sounded like a great idea to have the erotic writers together at a big “family” dinner. She began to have second thoughts. Dinner had been going well right up until Measha’s hand strayed down to stroke Rob’s ‘thigh’. Then all of them began to cut up.

“Sassy, put the gravy boat back on the table!” laughed Tom.

“I thought it was gravy for the gander!” she laughed. Taking a dollop of gravy, she sucked it off her finger. Much sexier than Advizor.

“Roze,” Wolf chided, knowing that she was storing away ideas for stories.

Master B smiled at Wolf and Sofia’s Sir. All three Doms laughed deep throaty laughs. The girls knew they were in trouble later.

The writers met Wednesday at the Spurs and Lace B&B in Colorado Springs. Lots of four-poster beds and plenty of room. Thursday had been full of high jinx. Spank-a-thons, flash parties, and show and tell toy displays. Now they were seated in the gazebo.

Nilla wriggled in her seat. Master B had been pinching her in between bites of of dressing. Advizor and Sassy were flicking gravy at each other. Wolf laughed, Roze giggled and the rest were acting like teens. It was wonderful.

In the back of the gazebo, Rob and Measha were enjoying themselves. As his proud member stood, a round of applause filled the gazebo.

He smiled. “It isn’t like you haven’t seen it before! Let the orgy begin!” 


Ah, Thanksgiving foibles. Our FFF challenge this week deals with the holiday season. It’s been good, but stressful in it’s own way, added to by a headache that seems to come and go. Oh, and a few relatives that are not high on my favourites list. One would be “aghast” to know that I write erotica. And no, I’ll never let that one know.

However, Advizor has challenged us with the following choices:
Key Words:  Family, gravy boat, butter knife

Word Limit:  1621 seems like too many, so 261.1

Forbidden words:  cock, caught, eat, feast, satiated

Extra Credit:  Let’s keep it within the (extended) family

Bonus Words: Donate 5 cans of food to your local food bank.

Thanks to Tom at Three Spelling Mistakes for two great pictures.  Use one, or use them both, it’s up to you!

261.1… Wasn’t sure how I was going to manage that, but…well… I did keep it in the family. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed my warped wee tale. Check out Advizor’s blog and see what the rest of the people wrote.

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