A Change of Paradigm

You know how life can take a screaming left turn? Well, mine did, about a week ago. I’d been minding my own business, and trying to get my life turned back around after a divorce. I’d gotten my own place and was going back to college while working part time. Not bad for fifty. Oh, and I have this roommate. One of those roommates with benefits.

Well, about six months ago, he was playing on this dating site and kept taking all the funny little match tests. When Eric found one that was really good, he’d share. Mainly by hollering over his monitor that I needed to take the ‘Purity Test’ or the ‘Just how sexy are you?’ test. I got tired of taking them over his shoulder, so I finally gave in and made my own login. Did the whole thing, and put up a profile. I’ve been single for a year and figured that just maybe I might find someone more interesting than my crazy roommate.

Yeah… Right… You know those jokes they make about dating sites? Well, after a few days, I decided that most of them were true. Worse yet, I’d set my profile to ‘looking for friends, etc’. Sort of the safe option, because I figured that if someone really rolled my senses, we could negotiate for a date or something. Logical approach or so I thought. Well, this dating site has some really strange tests and how they correlate to who’s a perfect match is voodoo science as far as I am concerned. Or, maybe dart board-ology. Either way, I was getting matches that were warped. Odd. Weird. Definitely not my type. So, I walked away for a few days.

I came back to an email box full of ‘matches for Ivy’. Ivy being my nickname on the site. I went through the thirty or forty of them and found about five that I might consider. Funny part was that Eric was one of them. We laughed about that and I put him in my accepted folder just for giggles. I noticed that most of the guys I liked were similar to Eric. Not a surprise really. They were engineers, science fiction readers, alternatively religious, a good sense of humor and most of them had a broad world sense. Two of them were obviously out for the mid-twenties gal that would lay them at the drop of a hat. The other two were older than me, and we started talking. Or should I say jousting? Lots of funny quote filled conversations were emailed back and forth.

Sparks lives about fifty miles from me. He travels a lot, and we emailed back and forth when he had a connection and a chance to talk. Sweet guy. I got to meet him about a month ago. He stopped by the office and introduced himself. We chatted and then off he went. Haven’t heard from him since. Oh well. He certainly was nice enough to consider as more than just a pen pal. He liked the real me, and not just the person in the email. I’m one of those short round earth mama hippy types. In fact, my sons call me the “tree huggin’ dirt worshiper”. It fits.

Then there was Skyhawk. He came up as a match, and I sort of dismissed the profile at first. Then I started to read it and started laughing. This guy had a great sense of humor. Warped, but in a way that matched my own. I was laughing hard enough that Eric left his computer to see what was so funny.

“What are you laughing at Gwen?” he asked as he leaned over my shoulder.

“This guy’s humor is a riot,” I answered.

Eric read over my shoulder for a minute. “So, are you going to message him?”

“No. I, um… I’m just enjoying the profile facts,” I stuttered.

“Sure. Go ahead and chat with him. Just because you talk to him doesn’t mean anything. Besides, he might be a nice guy.” Eric had that look I’ve gotten to know that means he thinks I’m avoiding something I ought to do.

“Fine!” I had been thinking of talking to him, I just hadn’t made up my mind yet. Cold feet I guess. Hell, other than Eric, I hadn’t dated in thirty years. I felt just a bit rusty. Oh hell! I felt damn rusty. I waited until Eric left the room and dropped Skyhawk a hello note. I didn’t want Eric gloating. Men!

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