Flash Fiction Friday Waiting Is…


He knew she meant to be on time. Pacing the courtyard, he studied the ivy on the wall. He smiled. Her average was fourteen minutes that she kept him waiting too long. The autumn afternoon was warm. Quickly, he found the spot where the fewest windows overlooked the wall. Stripping down, he piled his clothes neatly and tucked them behind a planter.

He found the ivy ends and gently pulled them from the wall. He began to weave the red tinged ivy around his body. Ankles and shins. Then his thighs. It took him a bit to get things covered when he got to his crotch. He wound ivy around his torso and upper chest. Getting the head done just right took a bit of effort and he was trying to hurry. At last he felt ready.

As he crossed his arms, he heard the tap of heels on the pavement. He slowed his breathing and held still. She came into view, looking around for him.

“You’re late.”

She shrieked when she finally saw him.



Oh why can I never be on time!” In spite of every trick she knew, she was late. Roger would be furious with her. It never did to keep him waiting too long on a Dom Date, but she just couldn’t seem to manage it. Life intruded. Today was no exception. The train was late. Her boss was bitchy. Her dry cleaning wasn’t ready, and the reservations for dinner got bumped twenty minutes.

She glanced at the clock on the ivy wall, as she ran across her apartment courtyard. Nearly fourteen minutes late. Roger would be politely disappointed. It would be easier if he’d just be angry. Her panties were damp with anticipation of the punishments.

“Hmmm? Is that why I’m always late? Because I want, need, to be punished?” Heat rose from her body at the thought of it. Her heels clacked across the courtyard and she stopped to find her keys. She juggled dry cleaning and her purse.

“You’re late.”

She turned, looked at the ivy wall and shrieked when she saw Roger.


Our dear Muse, Advizor is at it once more. Whittling down our word counts to make us strain the little gray cells! This weeks prompt is:

Word Limit = 175
Required Phrase – “Waiting too long”
Forbidden words- Sorry, Sorrow, Regrets, Pain
Extra Credit – Be nice this week.
Bonus Words – Tell us a true story of unrequited love (50 words)

So, I pondered… It’s heading towards Yule, and that feeling of waiting is in the air. Waiting for what of course is the question… prezzies, storms, sun, or 2014? Hope you enjoy my whimsical tales. 🙂 I just had to write it from both perspectives.

As for Bonus words and Extra credit. I was. Didn’t kill anyone. 🙂 Oh, and unrequited love…

Fell for a man I knew I shouldn’t/couldn’t have. Did my best not to touch him even though he needed a hug in the worst way. Very difficult when you are sharing the same house. He wouldn’t make eye contact with me, so I figured he didn’t like me. Two weeks passed… The scent of him drove me crazy. I took lots of cold showers. In the end, I couldn’t take it any longer and asked him what he thought of me… The reason he didn’t make eye contact was because I fried his brain when he looked at me. He wanted me as bad as I wanted him. 🙂 Well, I got my love in the end, so I guess that doesn’t count. Didn’t take the extra words.

So… take the time to go over to Advizor’s Blog... Read what other people have written or join in yourself. Come on! You know you want to! Don’t have a blog? Well, I’ll host your stories in a nano-second. 🙂 Just drop me a line at a.wordwytch@gmail.com

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  1. I was fascinated by the description of him weaving himself into the ivy.. wonderful imagery! And so nifty to hear both sides. Oh, and congrats on making Rori’s list of Top 100 Sex Bloggers! Don’t forget us little people now that you’ve hit the big time!

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