A Change of Paradigm (3)

The next morning, I told Eric about most of the conversation. He just sat there and smiled.

“So, are you going out on a date?”

“Eric, the guy lives 160 miles away. It isn’t very practical. I don’t have a car at the moment and I can’t just see asking him to come all this way for a cup of coffee.”

“So, you aren’t interested in dating with a little more serious intent?”

“I never said that!” I felt myself going red. “It’s just… well… he hasn’t brought up that side of things and the last thing I want to do is presume that he’d want me.”

“Sweetie, you are a delightful armful. Shy, sweet and horny in all the right combinations. Of course he’d like to jump your bones. Just don’t talk yourself out of a date and possibly a good time.” This was very similar to the conversation we’d had when he came home all excited about that drummer a few months ago. The virgin.


“Well nothing. Make up your mind. He seems like a nice guy. You’ve been talking for a while. Give him a chance.”

“Okay,” I said and headed off to work.




When I got off work, there was an email from Skyhawk/Jasper. It was a sweet email that covered some of the same ground as the phone call and then some other stuff. As I was replying to his email, he was online as well and discovered the chat function in gmail. Next thing I knew, I had this flashing icon in a corner. Wow! For an electrical engineer, he had a lot to learn about modern Internet toys. We typed back and forth for over an hour. Eric came home just as I was laughing and he came around to see what was so funny.

“Oh, chatting eh?” There was a teasing tone in his voice.

“Yes! Now go get your dinner. It’s in the fridge,” I said and went back to typing.

Eric went off to the kitchen, grabbed his dinner and stuck it in the microwave. When it binged, he came out to the computers and stood behind me.

“Reading over my shoulder is rude.”

“Yeah, but it saves me having to ask you all about your cyber date later.” He giggled.

“You are a brat!”

“Yeah, but tell Jasper about the computer I worked on, you know, the magnetic core media works one.”

“Okay, but as long as you go over to your desk.” I typed as he walked away..

“Alright. Have fun! And don’t forget that you have next weekend free.” Now he taunted me.

I stuck my tongue out at him and went back to typing. Jasper and I were having a good time chatting back and forth. He was flirting nicely and I was enjoying it. He finally signed off and I got up from the computer.

“Well, did you set a date to meet?”

“No! Geeze, give me a chance.”

“You know you want to. So, why delay?”

“I don’t want to rush things. Besides, I don’t think he’s dated much.” That was about as close to saying anything about Jasper being a virgin as I wanted to get. I didn’t need Eric teasing me, nor embarrassing Jasper. Eric means well, but some days he is a bit to blunt for everyone’s good. Even mine.

“Okay, but you know, you ought to do it. He seems a really nice guy.”

“I take it that is your seal of approval?”

“Yes. It is.” With that, Eric went back to his computer.

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