He stood on the ladder, hands up over his head as he drilled the holes for the new curtain rod. She stood next to him, handing up screws and brackets. The sight of his waist and hip contours showing as his shirt pulled out was just too tempting. She leaned forward and kissed his exposed skin.

“Sweetie! I’m trying to put up your curtain rod.” He pulled down his shirt to no avail.

“I just couldn’t resist. I love that hollow on the side of your hip and I just had to kiss it.”

He sighed. “Let me get this done and then we can play.”

“Alright.” She held the ladder and waited while he finished with the curtain. His shirt rode up again. She licked her lips… waiting.

When he’d hung the curtain, but before he could step down, she wrapped her hands around his hips and started to kiss the skin of his hips and stomach just below the belly button.

“Sweetie, ppplease.” He moaned. He gripped the ladder as tendrils of pleasure tickled across his thoughts. She kept on kissing. Then one hand undid his zip, and began to pull open his jeans. “Nnoo,” he gasped.

She ignored him. His cock sprang out, tenting his briefs. She kissed her way down to his elastic and then pulled his cock free. It took seconds for her lips to wrap around his cock. He moaned again, holding onto the ladder as his mind went away. Her hands wrapped around his hips as she sucked and licked him.

“Sssweetie… I’m… I’m coming,” he gasped a few moments later. He figured she’d stop and let him get down from the ladder. She didn’t. She kept right on until he exploded in her mouth. She swallowed every drop, licked him clean and then tucked his cock back in and zipped up his jeans.

She smiled at him as he crawled down the ladder. “I love giving you kisses.”

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  1. I read this the other day, and then Husband was putting pictures on the wall for me. Not on the ladder, on a chair, but still…
    Unfortunately our boy was running around and I couldn’t take advantage of the situation.
    This was very hot!

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