A Change of Paradigm (4)

The next night, Jasper called again, and we talked about all sorts of things. Computers, cats, houses, wells, plants, oh, and relationships. We were both flirting this time, and he made it clear that he’d like to get to know me better. We chatted until we were both sleepy and couldn’t keep a clear thought in our heads. After the phone call ended, Eric walked over to me.

“So, when is your date?”

“There isn’t one yet.”

“You know you have the weekend free. Invite him down.”

“Umm,” I started, trying to decide if I really wanted to. Honestly I did want to meet him, but at the same time I was a bit nervous. It’s one thing to know people in person, build a relationship and then start dating. Internet dating is a whole other bird. “Fine, if he shows up online tomorrow, I’ll see if he’d like to visit.”

Eric just walked away with a smile on his face.

Part of my problem was that I still wanted to confide to Eric that Jasper was a virgin and get some advice. Hell, Eric had asked me a few months back. The other part of me just was a bit nervous. New relationships and all the bits that go with them make me very unsure of myself. That whole who’d want to look at me, have sex with a granny, and all that stuff. I look in the mirror, and see someone who is fifty, gray haired and not a svelte bodied woman. Never was, but pregnancy wasn’t easy on me. In all honesty, there were days I wondered what Eric saw in me. His usual line was that my brains attracted him, and the rest of the package was just icing on the cake. Men!

As a prelude, I sent Jasper some of the erotic stories I had written. Sort of a softening up the field sort of thing. If he liked the stories, maybe it might be alright. I waited anxiously to hear back from him. So of course I didn’t hear from him for two days.

After work, I checked my email. There was a note from Jasper. More flirting, a promise of romantic seduction if given half a chance and jokes. I was halfway through a reply when the chat bubble popped up. It was Jasper. We talked about dating and about the fact that I was fifty, and that he was seven years older than me. We talked about not being skinny young things either, and Jasper said that one of his favorite painters was Rubens. That brought a smile to my face. Maybe this wouldn’t be so tough after all. We chatted a bit more and I made the leap. I asked him if he’d like to meet. The silence on the chat was deafening. It was taking him seven minutes to reply to each of my posts. I couldn’t decide if he was just slow at typing or if I was giving him heart failure. I know it was making me nervous. I’d never done anything like this before.

Finally a reply. Jasper would drive down to meet me and we’d have lunch. If all went well from there, well… yeah. I smiled, said my goodbyes and made a note on the calendar. Mr. Nosy Eric would just have to read the calendar. I barely got the cap back on the dry write marker before he noticed.

“So, the date is on Thursday?”

“Yes, and I want you to behave.” I knew that would be like asking my dog not to jump the fence when let out.

“Okay, I’ll even bathe.” Eric had a grin on his face. He got up from his computer and gave me a big hug. “See, you can do it.”

“He’s just having lunch.”


“And then if all goes well and neither one of us thinks the other is hideous, we might spend the evening together.”

“Good.” He went back to his computer with a smile. “Have you decided to have him stay here or will you check into a motel?”


“Well? Which one? I want to know so that I can make sure the bedroom is decent and that Eileen’s room is clean enough to sleep in.”

“Oh, hadn’t thought of that.” Eileen is Eric’s daughter who splits her week between her dad and her mom, the biological thingy. Eileen wouldn’t be here Thursday night, so if we wanted, Eric could sleep in her room and give us the bed.

“And, have you decided which one of you is buying condoms?”

“No! We haven’t discussed that yet. Good grief! I haven’t even met him yet and you…” I stopped, realizing that Eric was being practical and I was letting my nerves get the best of me. “We haven’t discussed it yet, and I’ll do so next time we talk. Sorry Eric.”

Eric walked over and gave me a hug. I wasn’t ready to explain that with Jasper being a virgin, and a rather anxious one, that I wasn’t sure he even knew the right size condom to buy. Or, if we would even need them. There was just too much up in the air.

“Don’t forget that you will need to explain our relationship to Jasper,” Eric said as we headed off to bed a few minutes later.

“I haven’t. I did a bit on the phone the other night by saying that I would never marry again, while lovers were definitely on the agenda.”

“Yes, but that isn’t the same as saying you have a lover or friend with benefits that doesn’t mind if you date other people.” Eric turned down the covers.

“I know. This is all moving so fast that I just haven’t had enough time to explain everything. That’s why I want you here when he arrives. This way you aren’t some nebulous person in the background that he’s talked to on the phone a time or two.”

“I can understand that. Just don’t forget to explain. Having a lover or friend in the background may scare him off otherwise.”

“I know.” We cuddled under the covers. I still wanted to ask Eric how to deal with a virgin, but had no way to do so without giving away Jasper’s secret. I kept trying to figure out how to do so as I fell asleep.

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