Nilla, this is all your fault! 🙂


The snow was piling up on the highway. Sara hadn’t seen a plow in at least thirty minutes and worry was creeping into her mind. There was very little traffic. The wind was whipping the powdery flakes up and obscuring her vision. She slowed down as she felt the tires ‘break loose’ from the highway. The car swerved. Sara took her foot off of the gas and gently put pressure on the break. She turned into the spin as she’d been taught all those years ago, and to her relief, the car ‘caught’ and straightened out on the road.

Taking a deep breath, she tried to see if there was an exit with a gas station where she could pull off. Nothing. Slowing down even more, she drove as carefully as she could. A gust of wind hit the car, and before she could do anything, the car began to spin in circles on the highway. Sara tried to correct the spin to no avail. The car had hit enough snow and ice that there was no traction. As the car spun off the road, it bounced off of the guardrails like a pinball and finally came to rest in a ditch. During all of this, she felt herself bounced from side to side in spite of her safety belt. The air bags deployed as it came to a stop, and that was the last thing Sara remembered.


“Anyone in the vehicle?” the first voice asked.

“Yeah. A woman.”

“She hurt?”

“Not much more than bruises and a bump on the head I think. No way we’re gonna get an EMT crew out here. And if we leave her, she’ll freeze.”

“Well, let’s move her out slow. I don’t see any blood, ‘cept at the corner of her mouth where it looks like her lip split and it’s bruisin’ up.”

“Yeah. Take her shoulders. Careful.”

The two men moved Sara out of the wreck and placed her in the cab of the snowplow. One covered her up while the other grabbed her handbag and then tagged the wreck. Then he climbed into the cab and the two men headed down the deserted highway.


Sara woke up warm. The last thing she remembered was the car spinning out of control and the air bags slamming into her face. She tried to move. Something was holding her in place. When she opened her eyes, the room was dim, and she could make out the shape of blankets almost up to her nose. She was tucked in tight. Slowly she moved arms, legs, hands and feet. She discovered that she could move slightly. She also discovered that she was naked.

“Hello? Anyone there? Hello? Am I in hospital?” She listened, and didn’t hear any noises that she associated with hospitals. She didn’t hear anything. “Hello?”

“Well, you finally woke up. How’s yer head?”

“Who? Who are you? Where am I?” Sara tried to look around, but the man had walked in without turning on a light.

“I’m Jim. Me an’ Mike found yer car off in the ditch. No way we could pull it out, or get anyone in, so we pulled you out of yer car and brought you back to the barn.”

“Barn?” Sara was very confused at this point.

“Yeah. The snowplow barn. We live here when the weather’s bad. You know, so we don’t have to drive to work, cause no one plows the road for the snowplows.” Jim laughed a little at the joke he’d made.

“I… I need to get up.” Sara realized that her bladder was full.

“Well, let me help you.” Jim pulled some of the covers back and held out a hand to Sara.

“Could I have my clothes?” Sara asked as she tried to keep the sheet over her body.

“Nah, you don’t need ’em. It’s plenty warm in here. Got the heaters goin’. Besides, you’re right pretty other than that bump on yer head.”

Sara had no choice but to get out of the bed and walk naked to the bathroom. She was grateful that he didn’t keept he door open. When she was finished, he helped her back to the bed. Her head ached a little, but otherwise she felt fine for having spun out on the highway. “Could I have some Tylenol?”

“Sure. Be right back.” Jim walked off.

Sara looked around the room. There was no sign of her clothes, or anything to cover up with except the bedding. Jim and a second man she figured must be Mike came back a few minutes later. Jim handed her some pills and a glass of water. She took the pills and drank the whole glass. She was so thirsty.

“So, how you feelin’?” asked Mike.

“My head hurts, but otherwise I just feel stiff.” She handed the glass back.

“Well, I think you have a little concussion. You go back to sleep,” said Mike.

“I… I want to call my boyfriend. We were suppose to meet up tonight. He’ll be worried.”

“Lady, no one is goin’ anywhere in this weather. We’ve got a foot of snow, and we aren’t even workin’. Too damn cold. Yer boyfriend will just have to wait for your date. Call him when you wake up.” With that, Jim closed the door to the room.

Cold and scared, Sara burrowed under the covers and tried to go to sleep.

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