A Change of Paradigm (5)

Thursday arrived way too soon. It had snowed the night before, and I was afraid that Jasper wouldn’t be able to drive down here. He had at least one pass to contend with and in bad weather, I wasn’t sure if that would stop him or not. I’d cleaned house as best I could, which is a loosing battle with snow and dogs. When I got up that morning, I wasn’t sure if I should change the sheets or not. Hell, I didn’t know if this would go past lunch. I was pinging. At one point, Eric hugged me in that ‘I’m going to ground all this energy’ type hug.

“Have you checked your email today?”

“No, been too busy!” I ran over to the computer. Duh,… of course Jasper would email me if he was stuck, or he’d call. I pulled up my email, and there was a note from him. I read it, smiled and went back to cleaning house.

“Well, what did he say?”

“He said he was just about to leave, asked if I liked chocolates and did he need to pick up condoms,” I said as nonchalantly as I could.



“Sweetie, any man who is bringing you chocolates and asks if he needs condoms isn’t planning to leave after a cup of coffee.”

“But, he’s never seen me and,” I started. I was beginning to wonder which one of us was really the virgin.

“Gwen, you are beautiful. He’d be silly to turn you down. So, relax and get ready for your boyfriend. Do we need to strip the bed?” he asked as he headed towards the kitchen.

“No, he said we’d head to a hotel room if I didn’t mind.”

“Okay, but remember, for future dates, my offer stands.”

I didn’t even bother to reply. He was so sure that this would end up with Jasper and I in bed, that I just gave up. I figured we would, but I didn’t want to tempt the fates. I was beginning to think I already had with teasing Eric so much about his virgin drummer.

I got the last of the stuff I wanted cleaned and taken care of when the phone rang. Eric answered it, smiled and handed me the phone.


“Hello Gwen, I’m about thirty miles out. See you in a bit.”

I knew exactly where he was, given that information. “Okay, be aware that the snow on that bit of road can be bad. Drive safely.”

“I will, see you in a bit.”He hung up the phone.

I put the phone back in it’s cradle and turned to see Eric grinning at me.

“Just relax, you’ll have a great time.” He turned and grabbed the trash out of the bathroom.

I was sitting at my computer which was across from the front door trying to kill time when there was a knock on the door. It was Jasper. I smiled nervously and went to let him in.

“Hi Jasper.”

“Hi Gwen.”

“Come in and stand by the fire.” I moved off the front porch and into the living room.

Eric walked over and held out his hand to Jasper. “Nice to meet you at last,” he said.

The two of them were about the same height. Jasper had brown hair and only a few wisps of gray. He was a little heavier than Eric, but I knew that from phone conversations. We chatted for a few minutes trying to get over the ‘just met you nerves’, and then I looked at the clock. It was nearly 1:30pm.

“Jasper, Eric, if we are going to go have lunch, we need to go soon.”

“Oh. Well, you and Jasper are heading off to the Drive Inn right?” Eric asked. The Drive Inn was the best place in town for breakfast or lunch, and it closed at 3pm.

“Yes. We will be back after lunch.” We grabbed our coats, and headed off to lunch.

Of course the Drive Inn was packed with everyone I knew. Granted, that isn’t hard in a small town. Especially one where half of them are related to you in some form or another. We ordered lunch and chatted while we ate. Nothing ground breaking, just lots of fill in the gap stuff.

After lunch, I went out to the truck while Jasper paid. I was mulling things over in my head. Did I want to go any farther? Did he? Gods I was nervous. When Jasper got to the truck, he turned to me as he started it up.

“Where to now?”

“Umm… shall we go see about that hotel room?” I figured if he had cold feet, this would be the point he would back out.

“Okay,” he said sounding as nervous as I did.

We drove downtown and went to the first hotel I knew of where I didn’t have half a dozen relatives working. He went inside and I stared off into the distance waiting. He came back with a defeated look on his face.

“No rooms available, there is some big construction company staying here.” He got in the truck. “Where to now?”

“ Well, head down this street and then I’ll tell you where to turn.” There was another hotel about five miles away. It was right outside of town, and no relatives. We chatted while he drove, and I pointed out the turn when it came up. Jasper turned into the parking lot and got out.

“I’ll be right back.”

Once again, I sat watching the snow drift across the parking lot. Jasper came out of the office fifteen minutes later. He handed me the key card.

“Room 136,” he said as he started the truck. He backed up and moved it about fifty feet back and then around the corner to park. I got out to open up the room while he got his bags. It was a typical hotel room. King sized bed, table and chairs, dresser and TV and a couch. The room was cold. Jasper came in, closed the door and set his stuff on a chair.

“Where is the thermostat?”

“It’s down there behind the couch.” I pointing to the register under the window.

Jasper reached over and turned on the heat. Then he took off his coat and turned to me.

“How you feelin’ Gwen?”

“Okay.” No way I’d admit I was nervous. “You?”


At least one of us was being bluntly honest. I dumped my coat on the end of the couch and walked over to Jasper. I wrapped my arms around him and gave him a hug. Jasper wrapped his arms around me and then leaned down to kiss me. We stood there kissing for a minute or two.

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