Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday Love Letters


“I could not believe what I was reading… So hot. So tantalizing. I wanted to feel his fingers on me. Touching me the way he spoke of in the letter,” she said to her best friend over the phone. She ended the call and sat down to write a reply to her latest admirer. Wearing only the ascot he’d draped around her neck, she read his letter. Bertie had such a way with words and she got lost in his prose. Fingers dropping to her pussy, she read more.

Dearest, I want to touch your sweet lips. Caress the downy fur and feel the moisture gather on my fingertips. Licking that sweet honey feeds my soul, my desire. You are a goddess. I want to awaken in you the passion that I know throbs beneath your skin. The passion that waits to be released.

Kissing my way up to your nipples, I want to suck each ripe berry until they crinkle with desire. Descending back to your heated depths, I want to expose your inner chamber to the luxury of my tongue as I lap the nectar of your sexual release. Sliding my tongue deep within and then opening you up to my fingers, my cock. Each touch a delight pleasured upon you until orgasmic drunkenness flays your senses. Once you are passion personified, I want to bury myself in you. I want to woo your sweet sybaritic self. I desire to worship you, and lay myself on the altar of your orgasmic joy. Sweet death!

Her fingers worked faster and faster, her breath catching as the pleasure built. Her mouth opened as she came.




I could not believe what I was reading! How dare that idiotic pup insult me that way? My breasts are too small? My pussy, childlike? My body more boy shaped than goddess like?”

Ginny watched Sara from the luxury of the easy chair. Sara paced as she read the latest letter again and again. Ginny waited patiently.

Sara was furious. Not only had George followed her around like a lovesick puppy, but he insisted on writing love letters attached to chocolate boxes or sprays of roses. When she’d asked him to stop, he upped the ante. Designer lingerie, a rare orchid and tickets to the smash hit on Broadway. Ginny had encouraged Sara to go out with George at least once. They went to the theater. Afterwards, under the influence of too much wine, Sara took George to bed.

As a lover, he’d been okay. Not lacking in equipment, and a ready learner. Sara had enjoyed herself and figured that a second date would be fun. Then the letter arrived.


I find that I was much mistaken. Upon spending intimate time with you I realize that having the breasts of a boy to hand isn’t much fun. Nor, is skimming a hand down a straight side a delight. Why is it that you look so much better dressed? Do you pad your clothing?

Then there is your cunt. Puffy. Pouting and naked like a child’s. Such a turn off in retrospect. Keep the lingerie. Don’t bother to call.


When Sara threw the letter away at last, Ginny took her lover to bed, rejoicing in her boyish body. Sara relaxed with the first orgasm.


Ah, Advizor, you upped the ante in such a beautiful way! Our Flash Fiction Friday strictures were:
Word Limit=275
Required Beginning- “I could not believe what I was reading…..
Forbidden words-Master, servant, Postage, parchment, poisson (French version)
Bonus Words-Write a wildly inappropriate letter to an on-line crush and send it to them.
Blame me if you’d like (47 words)
Extra Credi
t-Sign the letter you wrote with your real name.
Now, I didn’t take any Bonus or extra credit. However, I used both pictures. They were fun. As for wild crushes… online or in real life… Ah… Not in ages. No letters to write, no heart palpitations as they enter the room. No desire to masturbate long into the night with them on my mind. 🙂

Please check out Advizor’s Blog and see what everyone else has written. It is such a pleasure to work with fellow writers and see how we fulfill Advizor’s little puzzles.

8 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday Love Letters

  1. I fully expected the second story to end with a gun shot. Both are sweet and touching in their own way. I love handwritten letters and have delivered a couple of them to blogger friends much to my delight and, hopefully, theirs. You are creative and quick and bring a great spirit to your FFF posts. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

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