A Change of Paradigm (6)

“Shall we sit on the couch? It is bound to be warmer.”

“Yeah, it is,” he said with a silly smile on his face. He sat in the corner and I snuggled next to him.

“Still nervous?” I asked. I knew I was.

“Yeah. This is all new ground for me.” He was stroking my arm.

“Jasper, how far did you ever get with a woman?”

“Well, kissing.”

“Oh. Okay.” I leaned over to kiss him. After a few kisses, I realized that sitting next to him wasn’t comfortable. I sat back, kicked off my boots, took off the outer flannel shirt and laid across his lap.

“This is comfy,” he said. We started kissing and chatting again. Jasper’s hands caressed my breasts through my shirt. In between kisses, I unbuttoned the buttons on the long sleeved teeshirt to show some cleavage. He tentatively ran his fingers under the fabric to touch my skin. It felt really good. We kissed for a bit more and I realized that I wanted to touch him more.

“Hold on a minute Jasper. Let me move around.”


I stood up, took off my shirt and sat across his lap facing him. Our noses almost touched with me sitting like this. Jasper wrapped his arms around me and enjoyed the sensation of touching my skin. We were both enjoying this. Fumbling at the bra clasp made us both giggle.

“It isn’t locked. Really it’s not.”

“Could have fooled me!”

“Use both hands.”

“Damn, are you sure it isn’t locked? Oh, wait. It works backward from what I thought it did.” He finally undid the hooks.

I laughed and helped him take off my bra. My breasts were free for a moment before being cradled in his hands. Jasper moved to kiss each nipple in turn and then hold them in his hands. He kissed them again and then I wrapped my arms around him to cradle his head between my breasts.


“Let’s take your shirt off Jasper.” I rocked back towards his knees. He let go of me and we quickly removed his shirt. My hands grazed his chest. Jasper gasped as I ran my hands over his chest and nipples.

“You’re a furry boy,” I teased. He wasn’t as hairy as some men I knew, but he wasn’t smooth skinned like Eric was either.

“Guess I am. Oh… that feels goo…” he tried to finish as I rolled his nipples in my fingertips.

I smiled down at him and then kissed his nipple.

“Oh! Didn’t realize how sensitive that bit of skin is.”

“Never is when you touch it yourself. I know that one from experience.” I kissed the other nipple then and felt him shudder with the sensation.

“I like this.” His hands explored my skin.

“I’m glad.” I continued to kiss and touch his chest and neck. We must have sat like that for a while as I slowly rocked back and forth on his lap. I could feel his erection under me and when I tried to figure a good moment to move to the bed I kept getting distracted. Finally, I kissed him hard on the lips and he stopped moving his hands. They were on my ass.

“Jasper, shall we go get in the bed?”


I stood up and started taking off the rest of my layers. Winter sucks for being romantic. Too many layers. I got down to my undies and then crawled under the covers. Jasper followed suit. I smiled at the plaid boxers. He crawled under the covers and gathered me in his arms.

“Gwen, I… um… condoms…” he started.

“Jasper, I know I’m clean. Things are going to be up and down if you know what I mean. Shall we just not worry about it?” I asked. I had been thinking about this while we’d been on the couch. I know I should be using them, but I wasn’t sure he’d stay up long enough or last long enough. So, I threw caution to the wind.

“Okay.” We started kissing. He was a good kisser. A couple of times I asked him to slow down, but he figured things out quickly. Give him the parameters and oh he was good at following them. Jasper’s hands traced down my sides and cupped my ass. I moved my hand down his ribs and across the front of his boxers. They were damp and I wondered if I had overdone the lap dance and kissing on the couch.

“Hold on a minute, and let me get rid of the undies.”

Jasper nodded and got rid of his own while I kicked mine off. We rolled back towards one another and I put my hand on his hip. He moaned quietly and put his hand on my stomach just above my pelvic bone. We kissed a bit more and I moved my hand to his cock. This was my first surprise. He was uncircumcised. As I touched him, he shuddered. The second surprise was the realization that he wasn’t small either. A good eight inches and big around enough that I couldn’t close my index finger and thumb around the base of his cock.

“That feels real good.”

“Yes, it does.” My hand stroked up and down. The tip was wet and sticky. I let go of him and took his hand. I guided it between my legs so that he could touch me. “So does this.” I knew I needed to be wetter before he tried to enter me.

Between kisses, we did a fast anatomy lesson. Jasper was very good at following instructions. Engineers may not be good socially, but if you give them instructions, they can follow them, and in most cases improve on the process. Jasper was working on improving things already. I love men that understand cause and effect.

“You know, this is a lot different in reality than it is when you look at magazines or read about it.”

“Oh yes. Touch me there.” I moaned as his fingers move up and down my lips. I guided him to my clit. Jasper touched me and wiggled his fingers around nicely. I could feel the heat building up in my crotch. He slid his fingers down and into me. I was wet. Oh was I wet.

“Jasper, lay on your back,” I said and got up on my knees. I figured that me on top would be easier and give me more control.

“Alright,” he said and moved. I straddled him and took hold of his cock. Positioning it right at my opening, I slowly slid down on to his cock. The look on his face was one of delight and amazement. I rocked back and forth as he slid in and out. I started to move faster up and down on his cock.

“Gggwen,” was all he could gasp. His hands went to my hips and moved me faster. He filled me up in a delightful way that felt so good. I felt my orgasm building and moved faster. He tried to keep up, but our rhythm faltered.

“Can..can we take a break?” he gasped.

I nodded and slowed down. I put my head on his chest and he held me.

“I,… oh my… umm…” he started.

I realized he’d gone a bit soft. I moved off of him and lay on my side. I wrapped my fingers around his cock. He was sticky. I figured he’d come just a little, but not all the way.

“Jasper, it’s okay. This is all new. There is plenty of time.” I was trying to reassure him. It was his turn to nod. We started kissing and touching again. He got hard again.

“Could we try another position?”

“Okay, how about doggy style?”

“Dog… oh!” he laughed. We moved up on our knees and he put his cock in again. After a few strokes, he stopped.

“What’s the matter Jasper?” I asked, as this had felt very good.

“I, um… It’s sort of hard to line up.”

“It’s okay. Let’s adjust things a bit.” I spread my knees to lower myself a bit. He slid back in and that seemed to work better. I felt that heat building again and knew I’d start orgasming. Jasper tried to keep the rhythm, but when I did come, it threw things off a bit. I felt him stiffen and then he stopped, hugged me around the waist and lowered us to the bed.

“Oh damn. I’ve gone soft again.”

“Jasper, it’s okay. Just snuggle me.” I realized he’d come again with one of those little short orgasms, and then gone soft. “You’ve got a lot of years of habit to get over. Just relax.”

“Yeah, my friend said the first time was more disaster than fantastic, and now I believe him.”

“Hey! We haven’t had disaster yet. You’re just not use to having a woman in your arms. This is like finally trying all those neat projects in Popular Science magazine because you finally have all the bits together in one room.”

“Yeah, it is, but I’ve been playing for way too long with just half the pieces.”

“You’re doing just fine.” I started tickling him. He laughed and started tickling back. Then he cheated. Jasper wrapped me in his arms and held me tight so I couldn’t tickle him. He relaxed his arms a bit once I stopped trying to tickle him, and then snuggled for a bit. He held me tight in his arms and it felt so nice. Like I was a teddy bear. At some point, we fell asleep.

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