A Change of Paradigm (7)

I woke with a bit of a start. Looking for a clock, I realized that while there was one in the room, it wasn’t plugged in. Damn. Jasper woke up and reached for me. He had held me tight to him all the time we’d slept. As he snuggled up behind me, I realized he was hard again. I opened my legs and hooked one over his hips.

“Jasper, let’s try spooning.”


“Yeah, like two spoons in a drawer.” I reached for his cock and guided it into place. He drove his hips forward and buried himself in me.

“This feels nice,” he said and we began to move together. After a minute, he slowed down. “Can you move your leg this way?” he asked and pulled my leg up higher over his hip.

“Yes.” I rolled off my side onto my back and draped one leg over his hip while the other one moved between his legs.

“That’s it. Oh…,” he started as we began to move together. This was a deep position, and it felt good to both of us. After a few minutes, I felt him stiffen again.

“Oh…” As he relaxed, he moved his fingers to touch me. With his cock still deep inside of me, and his fingers playing over my clit, the orgasms rolled over me hard and fast.

“oh..oh..OHHH!” I squeaked a bit louder than I expected to. Both of us started to giggle. After a minute or two, we disentangled ourselves.

“I need a drink of water.” I headed for the sink.

“Me too.” He grabbed a glass.

After I got a good drink, I tried to figure out what time it was. Jasper found his cell phone. It was 9pm. I set the clock and the alarm for 8am.

“Oh well, so much for going back to the house for clothes and such.”

Jasper laughed.

“I’d better call Eric and let him know that we’re still alive.” I picked up the phone. It only rang once before Eric answered it.

“About time you checked in,” he teased.

“Hush you!”

“Well, it is 9pm, and you left here nearly eight hours ago. Is all going well?”

“Yes, just fine. Thought I’d call you though and let you know where we are.”

“Yeah, caller ID is great. How’d you end up way out there?”

“Everything else was full of construction workers.”

“Oh, That explains it. Your son Ian called.”

“Damn, Did you tell him where I was?” There were days my son was way too protective of his mother.

“No, but you will have to talk to him in the morning.”

“Yeah, I know. Good night Eric.”

“Night. Have fun.” He hung up the phone.

I put the phone down and crawled back into bed. Jasper was stretched out on the bed and held the covers up for me.

“Everything okay?”

“Yeah. Just my son looking for me. Ian feels that he is the only one who watches over his mom. So, I’ll have to explain that his hippy mom ran off with a man for wild night of crazy sex when I see him next.”

That started Jasper laughing. It was infectious and we were both laughing in a minute. Once we caught our breath, I snuggled up to Jasper.

“Jasper, any questions or thoughts running through your head?” I asked figuring that he’d probably had a few running through his head.

“Yes, I have a couple, but the one that has me curious is what is your relationship with Eric?”

“Easy. He’s a lover, and my room mate.”

“Doesn’t he get jealous?”

“No. We don’t do jealousy. Eric and I are polyamorous. Love is infinite and you can love more than one person at a time. It is time that is finite, and what you have to do if you love more than one person is to make sure you spend time wisely. To be honest, Eric has been doing the whole cheer leading from the sidelines ever since we started talking. If he hadn’t encouraged me to message you, I’d still be dithering about it instead of snuggling in bed here with you.”

“Okay. I think I get it.”

“I did the same thing for him about three months ago when this really cute drummer was trying to trip him and he panicked. I told him to go to bed with her. He was very happy he did. Oh… and she was a virgin!”

Jasper laughed at that. I knew that this whole thing wasn’t an easy concept to wrap the brain around, but he’d manage or have more questions.

“Any other questions?”

“Well, are we going to sleep or play around some more?”

I smiled at him and let my hand trace down his stomach. I’d felt his erection press against my stomach a few moments earlier. “Oh my, look what I found,” I said with a teasing voice as my hand ran over his erection.

“Gee, you’d think that would be worn out by now.”

“Well, let’s see.” I moved under the covers. I took his cock in my hand and then took the head of it in my mouth. I slid my mouth down as far as I could and started moving up and down on his cock.

“Oh!” was about the most intelligent thing Jasper said for the next few minutes. “Hol..hol.. hold on,” he finally stuttered.

I stopped and looked at Jasper. He’d had another one of those little orgasms. I’d tasted him as he came in my mouth. Not much, but just enough to fry his senses.

“Too.. much.. sensation,” he finally got out.

“Okay. Did you like that?”

“Oh yes! Very intense and oh…” he said and then reached to touch me. Jasper was a very good student and had learned quickly what made me wiggle my hips and scream with orgasms. I came again and again. After the last one, Jasper cuddled me tight in his arms and we fell asleep again.

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